Scofflaw – David Bowie’s Bulge

Image from Something To See or Hear

Oh my.  This is one of my lemmings that I just had to squash!  I am a MASSIVE Bowie fan, huge, have been for years.  And years.  And then some more years.

This little beauty I have to show you is from Scofflaw a US based Indie brand and is cheekily called David Bowie’s Bulge!

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This one takes inspiration from the cover of the excellent album Aladdin Sane.  See the red and the teal, you get this in spades in this polish.  The base is akin to an iced raspberry colour laced with teal and red glitters.  Its great, such a fun colour and the glitter just brings the pay off home.  I love this so very much.

I did three coats over a layer of Essie Millionails and then top coated with Essence Studio Nails Better Than Gel Nails High Gloss Top Coat.  This mani has been wearing like iron.  Iron I tell you.  Its not even showing tip wear after three days.  Bloody wonderful.  Formula was good, two coats bring the raspberry base to an opaqueness but I did three to bring on more glitter.  The glitter is well distributed throughout the polish

There are several ways you can get your mitts on some of the Scofflaw lovelies… if you are in the US, you can check out the Esty Shop.  If you are international (outside of the US) you will need to stalk out Llarowe.  More information on future releases and sneak peeks can be found of the Facebook page or check out Pinterest.  I picked up mine from Llarowe, super speedy shipping but I did have to stalk the shop to get hold of this.

Now, what other Rock Star polishes would you like to see?  Jagger’s Jack Flash??