Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Collection

Gosh, amazing what a few RT’s and a share on Facebook will do for traffic to your website.  Hello to all the new readers stopping by to have a look at this new collection from Maybelline in the UK.

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So as we know from Sunday’s quick Spotted! post, I surprisingly ran into the new Maybelline Color Show Street Artist Top Coat collection in my local gigantic Boots.  I did what any self respecting nail lover would do and bought all four.  Then tweeted about it.

Oh and some of these are super cute!


01 Boom Box Black – a mix of neon green and black glitter in different shapes and sizes, there are also very small pieces of bar glitter in here and the occasional larger pieces (limited edition)

02 White Splatter – a mix of white, green, purple and green glitter with white bar glitter pieces.  The white glitter is in a number of different sizes, the green and blue in the small size and the purple and white is in the small size and the worlds teenist sized glitter.

03 Urban Vibe – a mix of neon orange and black glitter shapes in different shapes and sizes.  There are small bits of orange bar glitter (limited edition)

04 Alley Attitude – a mix of neon blue and black glitter shapes in different shapes and sizes.  There are small bits of blue bar glitter.

Formula was pretty good, what you see above is one good coat per nail and then a bit of infilling around the edges.  All sized pieces seem to come out well although there aren’t loads of bigger pieces in mine.

Dupes?  I think we’ve seen these somewhere before… such as Formula X for Sephora Bombshell I posted last week.  Alley Attitude has the look of Turbulent, Boom Box Black the look of Bionic and the only one without a good match is White Splatter, but the colour way is similar to Demolition.  Anyway, that only helps you if you are in the US.

So what do you think?  RRP is £3.99, and Maybelline is readily available in many stores, including Boots and Superdrug.  Which one do you have your eye on?  Let me know in the comments!

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