Spotted! Asda polishes 

I’ve not been in my local Asda for a while, so I took the opportunity to swing by their make up section and see what was new. Quite a few things actually….

First up, new inserts in the stands.  Highlighting new make up products as well as a new nail care range.

Here you can see the three nail care products, called Dr Corrector.  From the left we have Ridge Filler, in the middle Smudge Corrector and on the right, Blush.  I can guess what the first two products are and I can only assume that the last one is a tinted coat for nails.  £2 each.


Then I saw these as well, not sure if I’ve seen these before, so just in case.  Here are the Star Struck One Coat Glitters.


And than, beneath that, I spotted some matte shades and a matte top coat.


And that was that!  As I say, a few new things for your viewing pleasure.  Anything catch your eye?

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Spotted! Body Shop Nail Polish & Asda George Gellie Polishes

I finally managed to get into a Body Shop and see the new nail polish range.  Now I haven’t tried any myself, but some of these look great.  A good solid range of shades, mainly cremes. RRP is £5.


There also appears to be nail polish remover (£6) and some of the polishes are packaged up into sets (not sure if that is a permanent thing or not)


Also, new on shelves, seems to be these Gellie polishes in Asda Walmart. Four shades, yellow, red, purple/blue and green.  And they have a candy scent!  I didn’t open them to take a whiff…..


These look very similar in tint to some of the Sally Hansen Triple Shines that came out in the US this summer and now popping up in your local poundstores.  These seem to be on offer at the moment, £2 instead of £3.


You pick up any Body Shop polishes or the new George Gellies? Let me know in the comments.

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Spotted! Asda nail polishes and nail art pens

My local Asda has been done up, particularity in the pharmacy and beauty areas.  I spotted these few things that were new Spots for me, but I am aware that lots of you have probably seen these already.

First up, Gemstone shades.


The price label says nail topper, I didn’t open them to see, but £3 isn’t bad.IMG_6957.JPG

Next to them I saw these nail art pens, or stripers I’m guessing.  £2 each.  And yes, they were placed at the end of a row of sanitary items – nice product placement Asda (not)IMG_6958.JPG

Then in the stand I saw these Polka top coats.  Showing as limited edition, so if you like them grab them!

IMG_6959.JPGHave you tried any of these?  Let me know in the comments, I loved to hear your thoughts.

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Spotted! Asda Tropical Crush & Rimmel Velvet Matte Nail Polish Collections

Here we go!  More Spotted items for you!  First up, new textured polishes at Asda. This is the Tropical Crush Collection.IMG_6133.JPG




Then, Rimmel have started updating all their stands in inserts.  With a new polish line too!  This is Velvet Matte, a collection of four shades.

IMG_6139.JPGNew slots for the Autumn Kate shades that I’ve previously seen here.



IMG_6142.JPGSo there you go, more new stuff on the shelves.  Anything catch your eye?

Spotted! New Lancome, L’Oreal Repromotes, Asda & Clinique

Just a couple of new things for your perusal today.  First up, Lancome Summer, with some lovely blue Le Vernis shades…


Then updated L’Oreal stands with nude shades, no new colours but existing shades as repromotes. 20140717-210751-76071792.jpgThen Asda get into the world cup mood, with Rio Gel Pro nail shades.  I’ve not tried this range, so if you have do let me know what the quality is like.

20140717-210811-76091890.jpgFinally, new shades in the Clinique nail polish line and summer make up.  Cute huh?


That’s all at the moment, not much else knocking about.  Soon be time for autumn collections….

Spotted! New polishes in Adsa & Collection

I know a lot of you have already stumbled upon these Champagne polishes in ASDA, but this is the first time I have seen them in person.  Not bad at £3 each.  They only come in two colours, pink and gold.20140610-173316-63196545.jpg

20140610-173314-63194542.jpgThen I spotted the empty Mardi Gras collection stand – as you can see, there will be three shades in the polish line up.  A white, a citrus yellow/green and a leaf green.


20140610-173337-63217508.jpgSo just a few bits to keep you out of mischief this time out. Have you picked out any of the collections above yet?

New Things I have Spotted #6 – George at Asda

Here are some shots of some new displays I noticed in my local Asda. The 3D glitter section was completely empty but the ‘Molten Metals’ metallics had 4 out of the 5 available colours. Not bad for £2.95 although I have never tried them so I’m not sure about the quality. I may have to buy some to share with you all.