Maybelline Vintage Leather – Gilded Emerald

I am a naughty blogger – I went away and forgot to programme any content for you all.  It was all a bit last minute and apologies to those of you who wondered where I had gone.  Not far, I’d gone to Vienna but I am back now and I have some new lovelies to share with you.

That said, this one I’m am about to share I picked up this summer in France.  This was part of the Vintage Leather effect polishes that came out in Autumn 2013 in the UK but some of the shades are still available in Europe.  This is one that was seen the in the US collection but not the set of four (red, tan, grey and turqoise) released in the UK. Anyway, here we go, this is Gilded Emerald.

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The last couple of pictures are done with a top coat.  Now this is quite pretty, it has paler colour flakes embedded into the polish and when it dries to its matte finish, you can see these every so often in the light.  Its a dark, brown green shade, nothing like the name implies of emerald, but I guess if you gilded it…

Anyway, formula was lovely.  This is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!  Drying time was fast.  Finish is a matte effect and so wear is noticable reduced because its a matte finish.  The glossy top coat does bring the flakies out a bit more and prolongs wear.  I literally could not get through the morning without it chipping.

This is a massive shame because it cute, seriously cute.

Anyway, not sure if you can get this anywhere, perhaps eBay.  But let me know what you think and what are you favourite ways to matte shades – do you buy matte polish or just a mate top coat!


Revlon Parfumerie – Autumn Spice

So, quickly, here is the first of my US purchases that have graced my nails – high on the wish list was this polish, Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice.

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Look at the cute bottle,  Look at the lovely label.  Look at the stunning colour.  *sigh*

This is super lovely.  The bottle is akin to a mini perfume bottle – hence the name – and they also have a subtle scent, based on the name.  From what I have read on other blogs, these are permanent additions to the Revlon line, currently only available in the US.  Fingers crossed for a transatlantic cross over.

Autumn Spice is a lovely rich brown with copper glitter hints.  Its very shiney and sparkly.  The scent is like autumn leaves and as it dries the scent becomes more apparent.  What you see in the pictures above is two coats over G&G Stuck on Blu topped with a layer of G&G HK Girl.  The top coat really brings out the glitter sparkle.

Formula is excellent, its easy to work with and coats well on the first coat.  Two coats just provides a consistent coverage level.  Drying time is average and as mentioned the above the scent does get stronger as it dries.  Its really easy to use the bottle once you get used to the sphere shaped cap.

I love this and its one of two I picked up.  What do you think?  Do you want to see this in the UK/Europe?  Let me know in the comments!

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UPDATE – I tweeted @RevlonUK to see if these were coming to the UK.  They are and they land in Boots on March 19th!  Yay!

Barry M – Countess

Guess what I have for you today??  More TEXTURE polish, I know, I know, I really cannot help myself I just love them so much… anyway, to save me raving nonsensically, here are the pictures

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Wow, as you can see from the images, Countess is a stunningly autumn appropriate brown.  Barry M have knocked this trend out of the park with this most recent release.  There are five polishes in this Royal Texture collection and this is the darkest one.  I don’t understand why they have names and the names are not used on the website – weird.  Countess would therefore be tnp7 – awesome and is apparently purple.  Its not really very purple but there is a tone in there…

Anyway, Barry M polishes all come with a standard brush fixed into the cylindrical lid.  The texture polishes have a different finish type of the lid so that they stand out.  Formula was good.  Two coats over a base of Glisten and Glow Stuck on Blu!  No top coat.

What do you think?  Did you snag any of the Royal Texture collection?  Let me know in the comments