Sally Hansen – Rock Chic

So a quick post for you today – this is one of the many Sally Hansen’s I ordered from a US based seller on eBay.  I got several others at the same time. This is from the Xtreme Wear Color Vibrations Glitter Mania collection – from what I can see, its limited edition.

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There has been a lot of US blog chatter about how bad these glitter toppers are.  This one is not an exception to that.  As you can see, its a mix of bar glitter – which I know a LOT of you hate.  This is just awful.  Too much base and not enough glitter.  I did two coats over white and you can see the image above which shows the fill line once I had done that.  And the base bubbles like a biatch.  Awful.

Anyway, its pretty and I matted it up because the tiny bubbles were doing my head in!


New Things I Have Spotted #81 – Revlon, lots of Revlon

Goodness me. I was ambling through my local Boots and the Revlon Nail Polish stand has been completely updated with new collections and a larger collection of Parfumerie (20 shades).  I also don’t think I have ever seen collections that have come out in the US come out so quickly in the UK.

First up, the new Leather and Tweed collection.  Three textured shades, oh Downtown you sexy purple you will be mine come pay day, and a set of three bar glitter toppers.


Sorry its a bit blurry, the shelves are very close together!


Then as you see below, the new Chrome Collection tied in with the new Spiderman movie, is now available too. LOVE the lids!



THEN!!  MORE REVLON!!  This time the Sun Candy range which I saw in the US before Xmas.  Only six shades here, instead of the 10 available in the US.  You’ve seen Lava Flame here.



Gosh, I really don’t know where to start!  Loving the chromes.  Loving the purple texture from the Leather and Tweed collection.  Really love the Sun Candy collection.  Plus we’ve only just got in the Parfumerie collection.  What is a girl to do??  What will you be picking up?

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