Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash (European Edition) – Bleached Blue

I’m so excited to share this polish with you – sent to me by the lovely lovely Lindz who saw my post about the European Edition Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash (you can see it here) and then made it her mission to find me one.  She is a star and I am very grateful to her.

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Now I just LOVE this, but then I am quite a fan of the Acid Wash polishes, but I know not all of you are fans.  I am sightly obsessed with bright blue polishes and this one just ticks my boxes in all the right ways.  As you can see, this is a bright blue with the white glitters from the UK editions of the Acid Wash polishes.  They have big white matte glitters through to small white glitters.  From what I can tell they are all matte.

Formula is good, which is surprisingly considering the amount of glitter that comes out on the brush.  This is two coats over a base of Essence Anti Nail Peeler (seems to be working) and topped off with a coat of G&G HK Girl.  The glitter placement is good, although I did end up with one finger having five large pieces of white glitter on – more than any one nail needs – but other than that, I felt it was a good mix of sizes. The top coat does help level off the glitter so if you have a little bit sticking up it does really help.

It wore like IRON – I had it one for nearly three days (because I LOVE it) before I started to note tipwear.  If you want to see the other Maybelline Acid Wash polishes, you can do so on these posts here (top splatter, ripped tide, lilac rebel & mint-acid-ittude)

I do think Maybelline has been knocking great polishes out of the part, I would imagine we might see these in different colour ways in the autumn and winter collections.  They seem to be bang on the money when it comes to glitter collections.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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European Maybelline Acid Wash Polishes – update

As usual I was looking about on the internet to see what new releases were coming up.  I stumbled across the German Maybelline site.


This is Bleached Blue and replaced the white glitter topper that was in the UK release of the Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Collection. Already in the USA we have seen the white top coat being released as part of the Color Show Jewel Collection (more on Nouveau Cheap here) so wonder if we will see new colour combinations for the Acid Wash Line.  Remember the Bleached Neon line was seven polishes strong against our four……

Also for your perusal, is this Nail Polish & Other Goodies swatches – which are killer, make sure you check them out too!

Nice huh?  Me wanty that Bleached Blue!