Second Chance Saturday – Chanel Mimosa

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I’ve got Mimosa to show you today, a limited edition polish from the Summer 2011 collection Les Fleurs d’Ete de Chanel. Its a summery, buttercup yellow and was released alongside Morning Rose and Beige Petale.

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OK, lets get right to the point here.  This polish is a nightmare.  Its streaky and thin and not very pigmented.

This is four coats over Glisten and Glow Stuck on Blu! topped with HK Girl.

Four coats.

The first three were all streaky.  I nearly gave up.  There is shimmer in the bottle but it definitely doesn’t translate onto the nail – which is often the case with these shimmery Chanels.  There is no self leveling of this polish either, so be prepared to really pay attention on application.

This sold out in days when it was released back in May 2011.  I also have Morning Rose, which is a dream of a polish.  The only yellow I’ve ever been happy with has been Catrice Yellow Sub Mandarin which is a joy to apply.  This, not so much.

Do you have yellow in your stash?  Which ones would you recommend and which ones would you avoid?