Models Own – Chrome Pink

Wowzers, this is one heck of a pink polish.  Its a bit too much colour wise for me, but as we’ve previously discussed, it seemed wrong not to get a full set during the Models Own sale when they were £2.50 each…. but lets check out some pictures before we get into the nitty gritty!

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Chrome Pink is one of the Colour Chrome Collection released by Models Own this spring.  This one is certainly one the brightest in the collection and probably my least favourite of the bunch.  But that is because I’m not a fan of pink.  No way.  Not at all and I’m not convinced that the colour does anything for my skin tone.

However, that aside, the formula is good and workable.  It does dry very quickly, so by the time you have done ten fingers (or toes) it will be time to go back over them again.  Quick isn’t the word!

There are ten shades in the Colour Chrome Collection and we’ve already seen Blue, Gold,  Indigo, Mauve, Olive and Rose. We saw silver earlier this week on the blog.  RRP is £4.99 if you pick them up in Superdrug (which is now a Models Own stockist) or order them online directly.

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