Claire’s – Leopard Top Coat

I have a polish I picked up from Claire’s in their recent £2 polish promotion, can’t really argue at that price! I was super intrigued by this polish as it has black leopard spot shaped glitter in it, along with some lovely blue leaning flakies and shimmer. Lets see how I got on…..

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What you see here is one drop and spread blob on polish over a base of Nella Milano Crystal Coral* (review coming soon).  Now I will be blunt, this was a NIGHTMARE to work with.

There is simply too much base coat per spot ratio.  Meaning that in order to get the few you see on my nails here, I had to fish, for a while and do the wipe and grab technique on the neck of the bottle.  The base if very thick so I have probably gunked up my bottle to the point of it never opening again – despite cleaning it!  I probably could have guessed that by looking at it, but I really wanted to see what it looked like.

I really love the flakies, and who doesn’t, but its horrid.  The effect is OK, but perhaps over a darker colour, such as a gray or purple I’d probably get a better look.  On the plus side, the flakies lie flat as does the glitter.  Although as my top coat was drying I did push it down with my nail just to make sure it wasn’t going to spring up and annoy me when dry.

You can find it here on the Claire’s website, RRP is £3.50 although I bought mine in a promotion.  Have you tried this polish?  Did you have more luck than me?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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*Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review but this does not influence the opinions expressed in this blog which are entirely my own.


Spotted- New in at Claire’s Liquid Metal & Scented Polishes

I popped into my local Claire’s (it will always be Claire’s Accessories to me) to see what was ‘new to me’ on the shelves.  First up, these liquid metal polishes.

According to the website, there are six shades.  Teal, Purple, Silver, Gold, Metallic Pink and Rose Gold.  £5.50 each with puts them 50p dearer than Models Own Colour Chromes.  But that purple has caught my eye! I’m sure there are often offers on so you can get them for a better price.  Just a close up for you! Beneath those I noticed these scented polishes, not sure if they are new but snapped a pic anyway.

Just a few new things – they also had a gel polish range, lots of great glitter toppers and all sorted of fab shades.  Certainly worth checking out next time you are passing – although a word of warning, lots of the bottles had been opened and used.  So check everything before you buy it and also check the brushes!

These ones have caught my eye – Valentines Glitter, this Leopard Glitter and this Ditsy Floral Glitter.

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New Things I Have Spotted #82 – GOSH Frosted Sand Look Pastels & New Look Polishes in Claires

Hello! Hope you are all doing well?  Picked up any new beauties recently?  This time of year is always choc with new releases and updates.  I have a couple of recent Spots for you below.

First up, the new GOSH Frosted Sand Look Glittery Finish nail polishes.  Three shades in pastel colours.  According to the Superdrug website, there are now nine in total.




Then I noticed through the window of Claires, some new polishes, giving me a wink.  The bottles look new to me, but they could have been going for a while.  However, some VERY interesting shades…. first up these splatter effects, similar to Maybelline Color Show Street Artist collection – but in different shades!20140407-114308.jpg

Then some milky glittery shades….


And then I saw this mini pack with glitter.  Cute huh?  There are all sorts of nail related things on the Claire’s Website, all at a variety of prices, but if you are passing it might be worth popping in and having a wee look.


Anything catch your eye this time?  Do you have any of those Claire’s polishes?   Let me know in the comments

New Things I Have Spotted #44 – Essie, Claire’s, L’Oreal & 2True


Just a few new things creeping out into stores, so sit back and enjoy the pics!

First up, new Essie nail polish strips.


After noticing the new bit, I realised the whole stand has had a bit of a revamp.


A quick lunchtime jaunt into Claire’s brought me up close to a WHOLE range of new nail goodies. First up, nail art slices. Sorry for the blurry pic, I have trying to be subtle. The RRP seems to £3.00 for the wheels. Beneath that are some new Nail Pearls, RRP on those £5, and the come in a cute shaped bottle.



As you can see, there are some cute pieces. I may have to buy one or two. There were quite a few to choose from, including one that was just mini gems.



Also Spotted! are these new Top Coats from L’Oreal. Four to choose one, RRP £4.99 each. The black and white one is easily the most interesting. Main stream brands imitating indies – it was only a matter of time.



New limited edition 2True Gliteratti shades – I’ve heard a lot of about these from my fellow british blogers, but first time I have seem them instore myself.


And then, finally, after seeing them on many a british blog, the new Barry M Textured Polish and the new Gelly Nail Paints.


So thats all for now, what have you Spotted! recently?