Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea

It was Mother’s Day last weekend here in the UK. I made afternoon tea, complete with cakes, for my mother-in-law. I made Coca Cola Cake as min loafs, Cherry Bakewell slices and a Victoria Sponge (that was guzzled before I could take a pic). Anyway, enjoy the images. The Cherry Bakewells were particularly nice and was a recipe the Hubster pulled out of our Asda magazine.  There is a scan of the recipe below.

Enjoy, what did you bake this weekend?

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Nigella’s Coca Cola Cake

There is nothing I love better than CAKE!  (apart from my hubby and my son, oh and the rest of my family… and… you get me yeah?).  So CAKE!  Something to soothe the soul, make you feel better and deliver a yummy, sugary chocolate fix.

This is one of our kitchen staples, Coca Cola Cake as introduced to the UK by the Baking Goddess that is Nigella Lawson. This recipe is not available on the website but in the How to be a Domestic Goddess cook book which most woman in the UK probably own.

This is a blissfully simple, quick to assemble moist cake.  You get your dry ingredients together, you get your wet one sin another jug, you melt your butter with some coca cola and some cocoa.  And then bang it all together.  Suddenly it comes together in a gloopy, chocolate, gloriously smelling batter.  Pour this into a well lined tin and bake.

A bit of icing, and VOILA!  (no images of icing as it got eaten v quickly…..)

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