Sinful Colors – Cinderella

Now who doesn’t love a good shimmer polish?  Today, I have a real beauty to show you.  I received this in a swap from a lovely woman in the US and I was delighted to receive it as I’d been eying it up for a while.

This is from a range called Sinful Colors, they have lots of lovely colours, glitters, cremes, shimmers, everything a polish fiend could as for.  This one is Cinderella.  A pale blue with a  copper tinted shimmer that provides a lovely contrast and takes this beyond a pale blue creme.

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I had seen on other US based blogs that this one was a bit sheer and needed several coats (ie more than 5) to achieve opactiy. I really wanted to a blue summery nail look and so decided to layer this over the only blue in a similar colour palette that I own, Chanel Coco Blue. The Chanel itself is a bit of an odd ball, the formula is not great and there can be significant nail drag if you go over spots when painting. I did two layers of Coco Blue, trying not to go over any areas more than once each paint run. Then I did two layers of Cinderella on the top. It is very thin and so I tried to do thicker coats than I would ordinarily. Plus a good thick coat of Seche Vite.

You may not be able to see this in the pictures above, but the copper shimmer was quite pronounced in person. In the sun, it was blindingly obvious. I’m delighted with this mani combi, its worth all the formula craziness, I think its really pretty and fulfilled my Summer Blue Polish need perfectly. I cannot wait to rock this one again

Do you have Cinderella? How do you wear yours?


Gradient Mani

So, as you can probably tell I’m really not one for nail art.  Firstly, my patience at anything fiddly is limited and I would rarely get THAT much time to do it.  However – I was swayed into trying a gradient mani by two posts I saw on Nail Blogs.

The first was from the awesome Pam over at Polish Police.  She did a gradient mani with the same colours I am going to show you below.

Secondly.  The Nailasaurus’ gradient mani tutorial made me see that there was no reason why I wouldn’t be able to pull it off.

So here we go, Chanel Coco Blue and Chanel Blue Rebel (Pam used Blue Boy but I wanted a stronger gradient).  Waddyathink??

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