Dollish Polish – Cold Winds Are Rising

Do you watch Game of Thrones?  You do?!  Me too, awesome isn’t it.  This is a GoT inspired polish from Dollish Polish called Cold Winds are Rising.  Its a super pretty slate gray polish with a mix of turquoise glitter to bring on the bling.

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It was a bit of a pain to work with, the glitter sinks quite badly.  I did leave it upside down for a while after rolling it in my hands.  Most of the glitter does seem to the stuck to the side of the bottle, which is a shame, but its pretty so stick with me.  I also noted that if you went over the same area more than once there was a tendency to pull to glitter up to the nail tip.

What you see above is three coats, which each successive coat I did see more glitter make its way onto the brush.  I used Essie all in one as my base and after the three coats, I did use my usual Seche Vite to provide a thick shiny top.  Drying time was average and it dried quite smoothly, which is a plus.  The Seche just levelled off any bumps from my application.

Anyway, not long until Season 3 of GoT!!!