Spotted! Collection Field Day Collection, forthcoming Miss Sporty & Leighton Denny in M&S

A few new spots for you all today – first up new from Collection the Field Day collection  Three lippies and three polishes.

A close up of those polishes – can’t argue at £1.99

Also in the Collection display, 2 in 1 Top & Base Coat and 2 in 1 Longer & Stronger Nail Care.

Saw this work in progress in the Miss Sporty stand.  Looks like their Spring 2015 shades, cremes with glitter top coats perhaps.

Then in M&S new Leighton Denny Shades., including one exclusive shade.

Some nice looking polishes here.

And more polishes.  £11 each.

So quite a few new things to keep your eyes out for, anything you think you want to check out? Let me know in the comments.

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Spotted! Collection, Barry M, Lily Allen and Make Up Revolution

OK, just a few updated images for you to see – some new stands, some repromotes and some new stuff sneaking out right now….

First up, new updated Collection stands.


Next up, a new Collection mini range, called Galactica.  Three polishes, silver, gold and metallic blue, three lip pencils and two eye liners.



Then the new Barry M Gelly Autumn 2014 shades are on the shelves now.  With an offer, so get buying if you fancy these!


And finally, new Lily Allen line of falsies.  I saw these in Superdrug.



Also in Superdrug, Makeup Revolution is now available instore.  So great ranges and some awesome looking eye palettes.  They also have a range of £1 nail polish.


Anything catch your eye?  Let me know what you picked up or have seen instore!

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Spotted! Collection Mardi Gras Polishes & Ltd Ed Barry M

Two very quick spots for you today – first up, the Collection Mardi Gras range is now is Superdrug stores. Having had empty stands for a week, I’ve now seen this in three stores.  I’m kinda digging the yellow!20140617-081252-29572098.jpgThen I spotted the new limited edition Barry Ms for summer, these are the two available in Boots.  There is a different pair available in Superdrug.

20140617-081254-29574261.jpgShort and sweet this time – anything catch your eye?

Spotted! New polishes in Adsa & Collection

I know a lot of you have already stumbled upon these Champagne polishes in ASDA, but this is the first time I have seen them in person.  Not bad at £3 each.  They only come in two colours, pink and gold.20140610-173316-63196545.jpg

20140610-173314-63194542.jpgThen I spotted the empty Mardi Gras collection stand – as you can see, there will be three shades in the polish line up.  A white, a citrus yellow/green and a leaf green.


20140610-173337-63217508.jpgSo just a few bits to keep you out of mischief this time out. Have you picked out any of the collections above yet?

Spotted! – New Maybelline Super Stay, Barry M Matte & Gelly Summer 2014, Dior Kingdom of Colour, L’Oreal, Maybelline Color Show Nudes & Mardi Gras by Collection

A few things to keep you ticking over this week – first up new shades in the Maybelline Super Stay range, 6 in total, 3 in Megawatt and 3 in pastel shades.  Eying up that orange!20140605-100011-36011039.jpg

The new pastel shades.

20140605-100012-36012801.jpgMy local Boots finally has the new Bary M Matte Collection….

20140605-100204-36124916.jpg…and the Summer 2014 Barry M Gelly Polishes.

20140605-100212-36132948.jpgI popped into Selfridges too, because you never know if Chanel Summer 2014 will hit early (its hadn’t!) but there is an exclusive range from Dior called Kingdom of colour.  Four shades of polish here, including a pearl top coat.  Shades are 428 Sienna, 237 Milly 257 Incognito and 129 Femme Fleur (I think!)


Updated cosmetic stands include new inserts with the new L’Oreal Confetti Top Coats (I review Graffiti D’Amour here) and Jeans Effect polishes in…..

20140605-100238-36158991.jpg….and Maybelline Color Show inserts for more new nude shades?  These are either new or re-promotes from the core range, but the Stripped Nudes Collection only had four shades in it and two of them were glitter…..

20140605-100351-36231098.jpgAnd then finally for your viewing pleasure, updates to the Collection (Or Collection2000) stand with a summer collection.  Image below shows the art work – the lippies are not like colour washes you get in Baby Lips and not creme colour.  Hence green, yellow and orange shades.


So, there we go.  A few new things to keep your eyes out for this week.  Let me know if you spot anything else that is new or pick up anything!

New Things I Have Spotted #34 – Barry M, Painted Lady & Collection2000

Three new things I have Spotted! in the past few days.  First up, as you may have already seen all over the internet, a Ltd Ed Barry M in Web Effect. Now none of the swatches I have seen online look anything like a web, but I’m a sucker for orange…20121001-184324.jpg

Then I noticed these Nail Talon Wraps from Umberto Gianinni in Boots.  Not cheap but some really cute designs.


Sorry this picture is super blurry, but the green ones look like gem beetles, awesome!


And finally, new polishes from Collection2000 (or their new name Collection) three Bedazzled nail effects.  Not sure if these are just top coats or full on glitter polishes.  Plus their price point is good, although there was no price on this stand. EDIT – Claire at Nuthin’ But a Nail Thing has some swatches check them out here…)


I know there are more new items on the way, I haven’t seen them yet – these include a cheap version of the fish egg manicure, Miss Sporty duochromes and those Barry M Gelly and Glitter polishes….

Have you Spotted! anything new recently?

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