Spotted! – New Maybelline Super Stay, Barry M Matte & Gelly Summer 2014, Dior Kingdom of Colour, L’Oreal, Maybelline Color Show Nudes & Mardi Gras by Collection

A few things to keep you ticking over this week – first up new shades in the Maybelline Super Stay range, 6 in total, 3 in Megawatt and 3 in pastel shades.  Eying up that orange!20140605-100011-36011039.jpg

The new pastel shades.

20140605-100012-36012801.jpgMy local Boots finally has the new Bary M Matte Collection….

20140605-100204-36124916.jpg…and the Summer 2014 Barry M Gelly Polishes.

20140605-100212-36132948.jpgI popped into Selfridges too, because you never know if Chanel Summer 2014 will hit early (its hadn’t!) but there is an exclusive range from Dior called Kingdom of colour.  Four shades of polish here, including a pearl top coat.  Shades are 428 Sienna, 237 Milly 257 Incognito and 129 Femme Fleur (I think!)


Updated cosmetic stands include new inserts with the new L’Oreal Confetti Top Coats (I review Graffiti D’Amour here) and Jeans Effect polishes in…..

20140605-100238-36158991.jpg….and Maybelline Color Show inserts for more new nude shades?  These are either new or re-promotes from the core range, but the Stripped Nudes Collection only had four shades in it and two of them were glitter…..

20140605-100351-36231098.jpgAnd then finally for your viewing pleasure, updates to the Collection (Or Collection2000) stand with a summer collection.  Image below shows the art work – the lippies are not like colour washes you get in Baby Lips and not creme colour.  Hence green, yellow and orange shades.


So, there we go.  A few new things to keep your eyes out for this week.  Let me know if you spot anything else that is new or pick up anything!


New Things I Have Spotted – More new L’Oreal Colour Riche Polishes

A quick update on the new L’Oreal glitter polishes we saw last week – seems there are actually three in the range. In larger stands I have now seen a pink and red matte glitter mix. 20140518-110307-39787614.jpg
Then MORE new L’Oreal in the form of these Jeans Effects. Although there is only three shown in the following pics I can confirm that there are two blues and two pinks available in what looks like a micro collection of four.  I am drawn to that orange/yellow on and may have to purchase before the 3 for 2 (running in both Boots and Superdrug) ends.
Missing shade 861 is a pale blue colour.  For conparisons on the US editions, you can check out this post on Nouveau Cheap.

So there you go MUCH excitement in the updated L’Oreal stands. I am NOT a fan of these skinny UK L’Oreal bottles and wish we had the same square ones as the US.  But that might just be me! Anything catch your eye?