Nella Milano – Fiery Flamenco

Goodness, how can it be September???  But I am all ready for Autumn – love me a good vampy shade and awesome sweaters!  Bring it on!  So with that in mind, here is a great vamp red shade from Nella Milano – this is Fiery Flamenco!

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Gosh, what a fab colour!  Perfect for lazy late summer evenings (and days!).  Its actually quite bright in person, its certainly not Coral or pink, but it pulls more coral than apple red.

Formula is great, as I have come to expect from Nella.  This is almost a one coat wonder, but what you see above it two over a base of Nailtiques 2 and topped off with Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat.

On the website you can search by collection, there are eight sets and one set of top and base coat  You can also visit the brand on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook to keep up to date with releases and current shades.  The price point is £8.95.  But this week, Fiery Flamenco should be on offer for £4.95, so if you like the look of this, this is the week to take the plunge and buy!

Nella banner 728x90

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P2- Joyful

I have another of my of most loved P2 sand style polishes for today.  This one is called Joyful and is a lovely spring colour, but something I think you could probably get away with at any time of the year when you want to wear coral.  Lets check out some pictures.

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Formula was just lovely with this one, you could almost get away with one coat, but I chose to do two so that I had good even coverage.  It was very easy to work with and just a delight really.  Once it dries is has a very gentle textured finish and isn’t at all weird.  In fact, it feels quite nice to touch.

I wore this over a base of Nailtiques 2, and as with all textured polishes, no top coat required unless you want to.  Wear on these textured shades is much better than those matte ones!

Anyway, let me know what you think in the comments!  What are your favourite textured shades?

Maybelline Color Show Bleached Neons – Coral Heat

I’m still ploughing through my Bleached Neons.  I had a bit of a disaster, I updated my phone and laptop and the update (despite me backing up) ATE all my images from the last five weeks.  That is at least 30 manis I won’t be able to share with you and surprisingly a significant amount of stamping and nail art for once (honestly, I mean would I lie to you?) so I’m a bit peeved with myself.

Anyway, today I have Coral Heat for your viewing pleasure.

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What you see above it three thin coats over a base of Essence Anti Split Nail Sealer and topped with HK Girl G&G. Formula was good but first coat was a bit draggy so I took it easy with coats two and three.  Its a great colour this, perfect for summer and something that it bright without being IN YOUR FACE and you know what I mean by those shades 😉

As I’ve mentioned before, these are limited edition and you need to make that decision NOW to pick these up.  I hesitated then could see the and then had to buy them when I started to see swatches appearing all over the place.  Lots of 3 for 2 or BOGOF offers knocking about Boots and Superdrug.

Did you pick these up yet?  Which one is your favourite shade from the collection?

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Spotted! Collection Mardi Gras Polishes & Ltd Ed Barry M

Two very quick spots for you today – first up, the Collection Mardi Gras range is now is Superdrug stores. Having had empty stands for a week, I’ve now seen this in three stores.  I’m kinda digging the yellow!20140617-081252-29572098.jpgThen I spotted the new limited edition Barry Ms for summer, these are the two available in Boots.  There is a different pair available in Superdrug.

20140617-081254-29574261.jpgShort and sweet this time – anything catch your eye?

Revlon Nail Art Sun Candy – Lava Flame

Final polish from my trip to the US *sniff* but as we know, all good things must come to an end.

This is one of the newer double ended Revlon polishes, from a line called Sun Candy.  I am a bit of a sucker for these types of polishes as some of you may well know from previous posts!  Anyway, this little beauty is called Lava Flame and she is pretty!

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Wow, shiny, flakie, glittery goodness.  What a lovely polish.  What you see above is three thin coats of base colour, over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! followed by one coat of the glitter topper and sealed in with a coat of G&G HK Girl.  It is more sparkly and eye catching than it looks.

The base colour is a very orange leaning bright coral.  Its a great colour.  Formula drag a bit.  But its worth it.  There is a touch of visible nail line, again something I can live with.  The topped is made up of iridescent pieces in a sheer orange base.  The flakes build up well on the nail and one coat is certainly enough.  It does look a little bit like dancing flames, but only a little bit.

Hope we get these in the UK at some point!  LAST MIN UPDATE – Yesterday British Beauty Blogger posted about these very polishes.  Due into Boots any day now!  Hurrah!

Wet N Wild Megalast – Heatwave

Yet more Megalasts!  You lucky lucky people.  This is by far the best range from Wet N Wild and worth every cent in my humble opinion. (closely followed by the recently issued Fergie Collection of which I have a few that you will see shortly) but bear with me as we only have ONE more after this one… just one!

This Megalast is a hot, juicy, orange with a red underbelly that is so very perfect for summer regardless of how good your weather is!  Its a fab colour, super saturated and intense.  Definitely in the BRIGHTS category

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The formula on this one is good, not the best in the range by any means, so a bit of care is needed.  My brush was slightly wobbly (and I’ve seen worse ones on other blogs) so that took a bit of getting used to.  What you see above is three, relatively thin coats, really to provide a more even coat of colour.  It levelled well and dries at an average speed.  Wary of nail staining I double case coated with Seche Retain and CND Stickey.  I used Hong Kong Girl Top Coat (soon going to need some more….)

As we know, Wet N Wild Megalasts are only available in the US, unless you have a US Polish Pal ship them to you.  I cannot tell you how much I want WnW in the UK market… oh I have already??  Sorry, getting repetitive in my old age… 😉

Dior – Bikini

I’m a very lucky girl.  This turned up on my birthday as a gift from my mum.  This and St Tropez no less.  Wow.  I’d been eying up the Spring/Summer Dior Croisette collection for some time, I’d even given Waterlily, from the Garden Party Collection and its other scented counterpart a miss.  But I longed for those two.

Bikini is a coral, pink, slightly orange tinged polish.  Blessed with the lovely Dior formula it really hits a home run…

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What you see above, its Seche Retain as a base coat, followed by two rather swift coats of Bikini and then Hong Kong Girl Top Coat (she really goes well with everyone).  Coverage was excellent, I could hardly see my nail line with one coat, two was perfection.  Plus it dried well in between coats that as soon as I had done all my fingers I was nearly ready to do a second coat.  I love that.  It didn’t drag or pull, just glided onto the nail.

Wear was also excellent.  I pulled out some similar shades from the stash, Catrice Pimp My Shrimp is more orange/pink, WnW Club Havana is also more orange and WnW Heatwave is much more orange.  So I have nothing like it.  Score! Oh and I am ROCKING St Tropez toes…. seriously cool colour…

Dior is available form high end department stores in the UK, such as Debenhams and Selfridges.  It can also be found in the larger Boots stores.  Polish retails at £18.  Lucky ladies in the US can order directly from

Catrice – Pimp My Shrimp

Who doesn’t love a nice bit of Catrice nail polish?  I know I do, but its frustrating that you cannot buy such loveliness in the UK.  Its readily available all over mainland Europe and in Ireland.  I keep my fingers crossed that eventually we will see it in stores here, or at the very least, be able to purchase it online for a reasonable non-eBay fee.

The other thing I adore about Catrice, is the clever naming they come up with.  Its not quite a cutesy as those you might find adorning a bottle of OPI polish, but clever nevertheless.  I also have a bottle of the wonderfully named Khaki Perry that I will be sharing with you very soon, but other naming delighted include ACid/DC, Salmon & Garfunkel and Dulce & Havanna.

Pimp My Shrimp is a shrimp coral orange, perfect for the summer, for toes or fingers.  There was something about the name that struck me and then the colour became so desirable that I had a friend pick it up for me on a trip to visit her family in Ireland (to be fair, they enjoyed hunting out the polishes I had asked for and now I get one or two every trip – lucky me!!)  Anyway, here are the pictures….

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The formula was a little bit on the thin side for me, meaning that what you see here is four thin coats.  However it does dry quickly and because they are so thin, I don’t think its much extra effort because the colour is BANG on trend.  Its probably not as pink as shrimp but I’m not going to pick holes here.  It has a nice creme finish to it and a bit of top coat gives it a nice shiny finish.  Wear was also good as I had four days before I just had to change my colour.  It was also nice to be able to take pictures outside to give you more of a sense of the actual colour.  If you do try to do thicker coats then you will experience some considerable pooling of the polish along the sides and cuticles of your nails.

What shrimp colours are you currently rocking  (or not) on your nails?