New Things I Have Spotted #70 – Cutex Ultra Cleansing, Seventeen Gel Polish & Color Show Stripped Nudes Collection

Quite a few things to share with you today, get ready!  First up, new Ultra Cleaning Cutex Nail Polish remover, you can see the little sign they have put instore, attesting to its power to remove glitter.  I used to love using Cutex removers, I haven’t for a while, but I might give this a go.  RRP varies from £1.60 to £2.20 so do shop about.


Just a close up of the bottle for you….


Then, in Boots, I finally saw the Seventeen Gel Colour, alongside stay put lippies.


Then, excitingly, I spot yet more new Maybelline Color Show – this time the collection appears to be called Stripped Nudes.  It consists of four polishes, like the previous limited edition run, two nude cremes and two glitter toppers.  These were in the main display, not in an inset as that slot is currently occupied by the new Street Artist line, but also alongside the Street Artist.




So there you go, Maybelline seem to be on it in terms of new products…. anything catch your eye?? Let me know in the comments!