Spotted! First signs of A/W 2015 – Dior Cosmopolite

I was passing though Selfridges when I noticed the new A/W Dior Make Up collection was out – I give you Cosmopolite.  Five shades of polish here, one similar to the Blue Rythym Chanel metallic shade.

Here you can see the five shades closer, the silver is above the main four.  There is a Blue, Grey, Red and Black.  Not earth shatteringly new, but if the formulas are good then these could be good additions if you don’t have shades like this.

What do you think? Yay or nay? Is Dior playing it too safe for your liking? Let me know in the comments.

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Spotted! Chanel Collection Mediteranee, Dior Tie-Die Summer 2015 and new L’Oreal Colour Riche polish.

In case you are heading out this bank holiday weekend, there are some new things knocking about that might catch your eye.

First up, new Chanel Ete Summer 2015 Collection Mediterranee.  Four new polish shades.  New Dior Summer 2015, again new polish shades.  And then, new L’Oreal shades.  Four new shades here.  There were one or two others in the updated stand. Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments.

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NOTD – Dior Diorific Diva

Another day, another NOTD post.  This one is Diva from Christmas 2012, I think.  I love this, but sometimes, for some reason, I have problems with it.  My top coat as caused shrinkage and left me with some dents.  Despite having been applied over an hour beforehand.  Ugh.

Anyway, gotta love that bottle.  And the eleventy billion other black shades I have in the stash!

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Spotted! – New Maybelline Super Stay, Barry M Matte & Gelly Summer 2014, Dior Kingdom of Colour, L’Oreal, Maybelline Color Show Nudes & Mardi Gras by Collection

A few things to keep you ticking over this week – first up new shades in the Maybelline Super Stay range, 6 in total, 3 in Megawatt and 3 in pastel shades.  Eying up that orange!20140605-100011-36011039.jpg

The new pastel shades.

20140605-100012-36012801.jpgMy local Boots finally has the new Bary M Matte Collection….

20140605-100204-36124916.jpg…and the Summer 2014 Barry M Gelly Polishes.

20140605-100212-36132948.jpgI popped into Selfridges too, because you never know if Chanel Summer 2014 will hit early (its hadn’t!) but there is an exclusive range from Dior called Kingdom of colour.  Four shades of polish here, including a pearl top coat.  Shades are 428 Sienna, 237 Milly 257 Incognito and 129 Femme Fleur (I think!)


Updated cosmetic stands include new inserts with the new L’Oreal Confetti Top Coats (I review Graffiti D’Amour here) and Jeans Effect polishes in…..

20140605-100238-36158991.jpg….and Maybelline Color Show inserts for more new nude shades?  These are either new or re-promotes from the core range, but the Stripped Nudes Collection only had four shades in it and two of them were glitter…..

20140605-100351-36231098.jpgAnd then finally for your viewing pleasure, updates to the Collection (Or Collection2000) stand with a summer collection.  Image below shows the art work – the lippies are not like colour washes you get in Baby Lips and not creme colour.  Hence green, yellow and orange shades.


So, there we go.  A few new things to keep your eyes out for this week.  Let me know if you spot anything else that is new or pick up anything!

New Things I Have Spotted #55 – Revlon, Mavala, Color Show Vintage Leather & Dior Fall 2013


Hi there, have I go some Spotteds for your today!

First up, I was in Superdrug and spotted this small addition to the Revlon stand.  LOOK CHROMA CHAMELEON!!!


After that excitment, I walked up to my local Boots.  They had a new Mavala stand.


Then – new in the Maybelline stand in Boots, Color Show Vintage Leather.  Limited Edition of four polishes, not the ten available in the US.  The 3 for 2 offer makes three polishes for just shy of £6, bargain!


I picked up three, of course I did, but left the Tan one behind.  Cute name however, Tanned and Ready.


Then, yet more new things on the larger Revlon stand in Boots.  Firstly, new nail appliques by Marchesa!  Sadly all gone, but I will be looking out for these.


And in the same stand, a full range of six Chroma Chameleons.




Finally, the new Dior Fall 2013 is now out, Mystic Metallics.  Three polishes in this edition, two regular and one magnetic.




So, what do you think, seen anything you like?  Let me know if you spot anything new!

Dior – Saint Tropez

An oldie but a goodie for you today.  This is Saint Tropez by Dior.  Its not from the original, limited edition release, but from the re-issue from last Summer 2012.  It was released along side Bikini as part of the Dior Croisette Collection- which you can see here in my post from last year

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The formula on this is amazing, perfect coverage in two flawless coats.  Amazing.  I used my newest base coat, Stuck on Blu!, which I purchased directly from the lovely Jill at Glisten & Glow, an online beauty etailer.  I’ve been eying this for a while but I decided to take the plunge after seeing some positive reviews.  And I paired it with my new bottle of G & G HK Girl Top Coat, which I have raved about before.  Jill sent me these bottles, along with some other things I purchased AND a cuticle oil.  Which is also awesome.  But I digress….

As with all Dior bottles, the cap pops off revealing a cap with gripped sides for easy use.  The brush is one of my favourites out there, tapered with a curve so that you can paint close to your cuticles. Very happy with that.  As I said, formula was excellent, two coats provided perfect self leveling coverage.

Sadly, I believe Saint Tropez is now discontinued.  However, other collections by Dior are available from high end department stores in the UK, such as Debenhams and Selfridges.  It can also be found in the larger Boots stores.  Polish retails at £18.  Lucky ladies in the US can order directly from

Dior – Windsor


I was recently able to bag one of the limited edition Dior Vernis from Harrods (don’t judge me, I adore Dior almost as much as my beloved Chanel).  This beauty is 807 Windsor, an amazing gunmetal gray rippled through with that Dior sparkle shimmer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now my pictures really do not do this justice, it is amazing.  You will notice a bit of tip wear in my images, that is because I didn’t have time to take images before I had to go out and then life happened and it was two days later.  But the wear is pretty good as I do a LOT of typing at work.

Anyway, this is lovely.  Pretty much a one coater too.  What you see above it two coats of Windsor of Seche Clear base with a Seche Vite top coat.  The brush is typical of Dior polishes, shaped and tapered, almost a perfect width for my nail.  Plus you can get close to the cuticle without getting any paint on it.  The shimmer is pretty apparent on the nail but not in my images.  I love it, its super classy and is a great way to wear gunmetal.

I ordered mine directly from Harrods, through their website, where they also have a few limited edition Diors (just not my lemming Lime), shipping was a bit steep at £6 for one polish and it came in the world biggest box for a single polish.  There was so much bubblewrap I don’t think I am ever going to need to buy any more.  That side, it was so well wrapped and it nice to see care taken over it.

Anyway, Windsor has a sister polish that is now sold out, so if you want Windsor get a move on and click here! RRP is £18.

New Things I Have Spotted #38 – Dior Christmas 2012



This just in – Dior Grand Bal is now available in the UK.  Some lovely items here, I already have the black sparkly polish.  Reviews to follow.  Available in department stores and Boots online.  Price points vary depending on items, but the polish retails at £20.

Anything catch your eye?


Dior – Bengale

Dior Golden Jungle Collection has been out since mid August in the UK.  I’ve been eying up most of the collection I will admit, its lovely and autumnal with a hint of gold.  There are three polishes in this collection, a lovely Crocodile Crackle Duo (Ltd Edition), a dark green (Amazonia) and today’s lovely Bengale.

Like all new Dior editions, Bengale comes with the new standard Dior brush.  I know lots of people have issues with this, I don’t.  I love the wide brush and find it has the right thickness to coat my nail in just over two coats.  The brush is curved at the end and I find this means I can leave a small gap between nail paint and my cuticles.  I’d be interested to know in what you guys think of the brush.

Anyway, onto the colour.  Bengale is a lovely rich, dark brown.  I know that sounds boring, but it really isn’t.  Its a lovely rich creme that glides onto the nail.  I wasn’t convinced with the promo shots and it is a bit darker than on the Dior website.  Once I saw it in real life, it was my first go to purchase from the collection.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really love Dior polishes, I know for £18 they are a bit steep, but the colour saturation is excellent.  The quality of the formula is amazing.  And the wear of the polish is also fabulous.  I would snap this up if you have no browns in your collection, as a reddy/brown pale Celt, its fab against my skin tone.

In the UK, Dior can be bought from large Department Stores and large Boots stores.  Price point is £18.  Its worth noting that is was a Selfridges exclusive for the first few weeks and you can buy items online there.

What catches your eye from the Golden Jungle?

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New Things I have Spotted #27 – New Revlon, New YSL, New Estee Lauder and New Dior

Goodness, seems like it was an age since the last Spotted! post, trust me that is not because of a lack of looking, but just a bit of Nail Polish World stability before the excitement of Autumn Collections.  So I have a LOT for you to see today…. lets get going

Here we have the first UK sighting of new Revlon polishes, some of the two tone nail sticks that I have seen on US blogs.  £7.99 is what you would pay in dollars, but look at the pretties.  I Spotted! these in Boots.  Nothing on the website yet, but I’m guessing there soon will be.  Wonder if this means we might get some of the other nail art sticks, like Moon Candy or Crackle?

Above you can see them in their natural habitat in the larger Revlon stand.

Also spotted today are the new YSL Autumn Winter Collection.  This arrived on Monday this week.  Two polishes in the collection, close up below.  Although that eye pencil in green looks very pretty…

This is 31 Khaki Arty and 32 Rouge Expressioniste, both cremes, both retailing for £18.

This is exciting news – two new collections from Estee Lauder.  First one is called Beyond Black, includes blues, greens and grays.  The second is Metal Mania, including lots of shiny gorgeous colours that you just HAVE TO SEE! These retail in the UK for £14.50 and can be bought directly from Estee Lauder online.

And finally for today’s Spotted!  The new Dior Golden Jungle range. A crackle duo, the gold is the underwear and the green is the crackle, and two new polishes.  The Duo is £24 and the individual polishes are £18.