Enchanted Polish – July 2014

Hello!  Happy Monday!  Hope you had a good weekend?  I’m just going to share some older images to clear the backlog of posts.  This is the second Enchanted Polish I own – this is July 2014, one I bought a presale as July is my birthday month and I decided to treat myself.

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Enchanted Polishes are known for their holos, and man do they shine like stars.. This is two coats of July 2014 topped with G&G HK Girl (good for not dulling holos).

Anyway, if you want to get our hands on Enchanted Polishes, there is a big BIG resale market if you feel brave.  Otherwise you have to be lucky to score them on the Enchanted website or be around during one of the small presale windows.  The monthly polishes are all bought sight unseen, which means you don’t know what you get until you open that pretty pretty box.

Do you have any Enchanteds in your stash?  Are they worth all the hassle?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments

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