Not much in the way of new sightings – which probably means its just a matter of time before we get inundated with new Autumn/Winter shades.

I don’t recall ever seeing a freestand Essie pop up. but here one is in my local Boots.  With the new A/W Collection in.

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British Nail Bloggers Nail Art Challenge Colour Me Crazy! – Green Nails

Super quick post for a Sunday – this is some green nails for the British Nail Bloggers Nail Art Challenge Colour Me Crazy!  This is Essie Mojito Madness stamped with a MoYou Nail Plate using Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Shiny Penny.  I love these slightly nautical stamps, in particular the repeat patterns.  Awesome.



Do check you the other British Nail Blogger Colour Me Crazy Nail Posts using the links below – let me know what other plates you like, I want to expand my collection!

Essie – Hide & Go Chic

I have a lovely blue polish for you today, one that I got with my British Beauty Blogger Beauty Box that I ordered at the end of May (I think), aside from a whole load of lovely items, there was to be a polish from the Essie Spring 2014 range – I was dreading getting something too pastel, so I was delighted to get my box and see this inside.  Lets check it out!

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Formula on this was excellent, what you see above it two coats over a base of Essence Anti Split Nail Sealer, topped with last bits of the G&G HK Girl.  Its a dusty denim blue, a great colour for use on its one or under glitter toppers.  I was quite surprised at how much I liked this on my nails.

Essie polishes are now readily available in Superdrug and Boots stores, especially the larger ones that have bigger nail bars.  Not sure what the price point is, but Essie regularly release collections throughout the year.

Let me know what your favourite Essie polishes are in the comments!

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Children In Need Nails!


Very quick post for you today, yesterday for those of us in the UK it was the BBC’s Children In Need annual extravaganza.  Its a great charity event, raising millions of pounds for disadvantaged children and their families up and down the UK.

They have a teddy bear mascot, called Pudsey, and these nails above are my homage to Pudsey’s eye bandana, which is white with these colour dots.

For the polishes I used
Cult Nails Tempest – White
Depend – Red
Essie Mojito Madness – Green
Catrice Yellow Sub-Mandarin – Yellow
Sally Hansen Brisk Blue – Blue

Topped off with a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

Love this, got lots of nice comments and by this morning Children in Need has raised £31 Million!

Essie – Mojito Madness

I just have to show you this polish, since my lovely polish picking princess sent me it, I’ve worn it three times and once on my toes.  Love this so very much.

This is Mojito Madness by Essie.

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Its the most perfect fresh green colour it is such a happy colour to grace your fingertips!  Formula is excellent, two good coats and it almost good to go.  I based and topped with my usual combo of Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu & HK Girl – perfect.  It looks like a serious set of gel nails and lasted a good couple of days before any kind of tip wear.  Love it!

What do you think?  Is it too green for you?

New Things I Have Spotted #44 – Essie, Claire’s, L’Oreal & 2True


Just a few new things creeping out into stores, so sit back and enjoy the pics!

First up, new Essie nail polish strips.


After noticing the new bit, I realised the whole stand has had a bit of a revamp.


A quick lunchtime jaunt into Claire’s brought me up close to a WHOLE range of new nail goodies. First up, nail art slices. Sorry for the blurry pic, I have trying to be subtle. The RRP seems to £3.00 for the wheels. Beneath that are some new Nail Pearls, RRP on those £5, and the come in a cute shaped bottle.



As you can see, there are some cute pieces. I may have to buy one or two. There were quite a few to choose from, including one that was just mini gems.



Also Spotted! are these new Top Coats from L’Oreal. Four to choose one, RRP £4.99 each. The black and white one is easily the most interesting. Main stream brands imitating indies – it was only a matter of time.



New limited edition 2True Gliteratti shades – I’ve heard a lot of about these from my fellow british blogers, but first time I have seem them instore myself.


And then, finally, after seeing them on many a british blog, the new Barry M Textured Polish and the new Gelly Nail Paints.


So thats all for now, what have you Spotted! recently?

Essie – Wild Thing

This polish has been on wish list for about two years, ever since I had a manicure with it on a trip to NYC. I loved it, summed up the trip wonderful, red and glittery, it was the perfect for the couple of days we were there.  So I loved her and left her behind, but I never forgot.  And then I couldn’t get hold of a bottle without paying lots of money.  I waited.  And I waited some more.  I looked when we went to Florida, everytime the slot was empty.  Everything.  I felt a bit jinxed.  Anyway, along came my Polish Picking Princess, we have become firm friends over our love of a pretty bottle of polish.  Thank goodness for my PPP because she was able to slay the Wild Thing need.

And Wild Thing is still as pretty, as red and as sparkly as I remember.  Just a word of warning, its quite hard to photography because all the sparkle makes my camera go a bit crazeeeee.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What you see above is three thin coats over a base of Seche Clear sealed with a Seche Vite top coat.  The formula is a bit squishy, almost jellyish, but that might be deliberate.  On drying it does have a jelly like appearance, speckled with little glitter pieces.  Its lovely, really lovely and I so wish I could capture it better in images.

Essie have recently branched out into larger Boots and Superdrug stores in the UK.  I know in the US they are available in lots of places.  There are also plenty of online retailers, so a bit of googling will help you out.  What Essie Polishes to do recommend?

New Things I have Spotted #30 – Sally Hansen Gem Crush & New Essie Collection

I popped into my local Superdrug, hoping to catch the forthcoming GOSH Holographic – its still not out.  I’ve been told by 8 different stores to expect it towards the end of the month.

Anyway, my biggest local store has undergone a MUCH needed revamp and look what I spotted!  Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Polishes.  OK, £6.99 each, but I’ve never seen this range outside of North America.

And then, in the bay next door, I noticed the new Essie collection. I have my eye on Mojito Madness…..

Essie – Sexy Divide

There are no words to describe how much I adore the polish I am about to show you today.  This is because of two reasons. 1. At Christmas, it was the polish I wore after my manicure treat (and I knew I should have bought it then) and 2. It was given to me as part of my Bunny exchange (previously discussed)

I don’t own many Essie polishes, I have Dive Bar (as we have seen), I have one of their Lux Effects and I have a small mini duo that the lovely Adina sent me.  This is something I need to correct quickly and bearing in mind we now have high street access to them in the UK, I’ve now got my eye on the Mirror Metallics.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you can see, Sexy Divide is a deep rich, velveteen purple.  It is positively glowing on the nail.  I wish we had more sun so that I could show you her showing off.  Anyway, formula was good.  Quick drying time.  I waited a fair bit between the three thin coats I put on.  Mainly because on coat two I created some unattractive nail drag near the cuticle.  But you can’t see that in the pics.  If I had been a bit more careful, two would have been sufficient.  Base coat was Seche Retain and I’m still rocking a Hong Kong Girl Top Coat – I don’t see us ever falling out.

So, which Mirror Metallics or other Essie polishes should I snap up?

New Things I Have Spotted #20 – Essie Mirror Metallics

Well here is a turn up for the books and something worth doing two posts in one day.  As you may recall, in other Spotted! features I pointed out the new Essie stands found in the larger Boots stores.  And now, we have a collection that has been released at the same time as the US.

And its a pretty one let me tell you.  £7.99 a bottle, but I am sorely tempted…..