P2 – Lofty Style

A P2 polish to share with you today. This is one from the Satin Supreme range – form what I can tell, its pretty much a bang on dupe for the Barry M Satins (which I don’t have) so I was glad to welcome this into the stash!  Its a lovely baby blue shade.

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This is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!  As the Satin refers to the finish, no top coat is required here.  The polish dries to a matte satin style finish.  Which is a lovely finish in the more pastel shades.

Formula was good and drying time was excellent.  Really didn’t take long to do these at all!  Still a bit obsessed with P2 polishes, they are fabulous and sadly only available in Germany.  They do pop up on eBay from time to time to, so worth looking there.

I have a few other Satin shades, notably Sally Hansen, and I do think they provide a nice contrast to the usual cremes and shimmers.  What do you think?  Have you got any of the Barry M Satin Shades?

Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading!

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HEMA – Holographic Bordeaux

Hey there!  Happy Bank Holiday to those of you in the UK, hope you are going something good with your day off.  I have a lovely holographic polish I picked up from the Dutch store HEMA when I was in Holland recently.  There seems to be a six polishes in the holographic range.

Anyway, onto the pictures….

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The application of this was a bit tricky, the polish was drying as I was applying it.  Plus the polish has a tendency to drag if you go over one area twice.  What you see above is two coats, the second coat does provide complete coverage and the colour is lovely.  A mid purple with a surprisingly amount of holo-ness for your 4€

Naturally, unless you are near a HEMA or have a dutch buddy, you probably will not be able to get your hands on these.  But I thought it was worth sharing 🙂