Revlon Nail Art Break Up – Fatal Attraction

Just when you thought you might be over crackle, along comes a product that might make you change your mind…..

What is it about Revlon that is so appealing?  I think its the fact its such a well established brand with years under its belt.  This year its been pulling some blinders in terms of new product.  You may remember a recent post where we now have access to the new (to UK anyway) ColorStay range.  Sadly, Revlon Nail Art sticks are not available in the UK. (I so want to add YET to that line…)

Revlon Nail Art in Fatal Attraction is a double ended nail polish.  One end has a lovely basecoat (Fatal) and the other provides the crackle top coat (Attraction).  Fatal is a lovely shiny, mauve/berry/cherry colour, with a strong shimmer.  In terms of formula, its quite thick and so care is needed when applying it to prevent drag and bald spots.  I did two coats to ensure even-ness of colour.  You can see what two coats looks like in the images below.

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Attraction is a red creme crackle overcoat.  As with all other crackles, you quickly paint on a coat over bone dry nail polish and the polish overcoat crackles, forming the effect.  I found this quite thin and prone to not cracking very well or cracking onto large chunks.  I tried painting it quickly, slowly and a bit thicker than usual, as well as blowing onto the still wet nail to encourage any forming crackles.  Didn’t seem to make one jolt of difference. So just paint it how you ordinarily would and see how you go.

In terms of contract however, its quite subtle.  Its not a vivid colour different, say black over a neon colour, but its discrete and does look very red at a quick glance.  A bit of a more considered look picks up on the more pink base coat.  Considering my gripes with the formula, I quite like this look.  I did experience tip wear quite quickly, despite a seche topcoat, so next time I’m only going to do one of of the underwear and see if that helps.

I have my eye on a couple more of these beauties since they are not available in the UK, and should I be lucky enough to score more of them, rest assured they will end up on here!

And just in case you haven’t seen them, here is the whole collection.  Anything catch your eye?