Claire’s – Leopard Top Coat

I have a polish I picked up from Claire’s in their recent £2 polish promotion, can’t really argue at that price! I was super intrigued by this polish as it has black leopard spot shaped glitter in it, along with some lovely blue leaning flakies and shimmer. Lets see how I got on…..

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What you see here is one drop and spread blob on polish over a base of Nella Milano Crystal Coral* (review coming soon).  Now I will be blunt, this was a NIGHTMARE to work with.

There is simply too much base coat per spot ratio.  Meaning that in order to get the few you see on my nails here, I had to fish, for a while and do the wipe and grab technique on the neck of the bottle.  The base if very thick so I have probably gunked up my bottle to the point of it never opening again – despite cleaning it!  I probably could have guessed that by looking at it, but I really wanted to see what it looked like.

I really love the flakies, and who doesn’t, but its horrid.  The effect is OK, but perhaps over a darker colour, such as a gray or purple I’d probably get a better look.  On the plus side, the flakies lie flat as does the glitter.  Although as my top coat was drying I did push it down with my nail just to make sure it wasn’t going to spring up and annoy me when dry.

You can find it here on the Claire’s website, RRP is £3.50 although I bought mine in a promotion.  Have you tried this polish?  Did you have more luck than me?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

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*Disclosure: This product was sent to me for review but this does not influence the opinions expressed in this blog which are entirely my own.


KOH – Blue Universe

I’ve got one of the polishes off my wish list to share with you all today.  I picked this up when I was in Europe and I’ve been sat on it for ages.  Typical huh?  You get something you have wanted for AGES and when you get it, it drops down your list of polishes to wear.

Anyway, I give you Blue Universe from KOH.

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Blue Universe is a demin blue polish base with a red tinged flakie throughout.  Its really unusual and unlike anything else I have in my collection. Formula was a bit on the thin side, and what you see above is four thin coats, but it does build up the interest well.  It catches the light well.  Brush is typical really, its flat and there is no curvature to it.

Picking this up from the KOH experience store was a bit of an experience in itself.  You pick your polish and they walk you over to the counter.  Then they place your new polish in a lovely little polish box to keep it all safe.  Mine was black with some satin detail.  Lovely, but hard to store with all your other polishes, it does set it aside from others in the stash.  From what I recall I paid €14 or thereabouts.

I know this is on a LOT of other wishlists, is it on yours??

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New Things I Have Spotted #65 – House of Holland, Seventeen De:constructed, Miss Sporty, Bourjois, No7 and Christmas 213 Chanel

A whole host of new nail products have snuck their way onto shelves in the last week or so, lets just straight in.  First up, in Boots, I noticed that the House of Holland falsies are now out. There are several nail offers in Boots, so if you fancy these, it worth checking that out.20131118-085148.jpg

Also in Boots, a new range within a range on the Seventeen stands.  This is called De:Constructed and includes nails, nail studs and mascara.  Its all limited edition so if you fancy it, get it now.



Oh My Gems! on the Miss Sporty stand. Three new shades, purple, red and orange.  Price point is £1.99



Then, you will all recall my love of all things textured – Bourjois has jumped onto the textured trend.  A lovely, pure silver.  Love this stand where you can feel the textured.  Lovely.


Then, I noticed a whole load of new polish items in the No7 area.  Including this lovely looking flakie nail polish – which is part of their Christmas 2013 collection.





Finally, limited edition Christmas 2013 Chanel – *sigh* love this, Rouge Rubis is on the left hand side.


Let me know what catches your eye?  I have mine on that limited edition Chanel polish…..

Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather – 212 Mudslide Tote

I’ve got the second of the three Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather nail polishes to show to you today.  We’ve seen the first one, Turquoise Temptation, give me a few problems with applications.  I’m going to give that one another go soon.

Anyway, here come the pictures!

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This is Mudslide Tote.  It reminded me of very gray clay, a dark lovely muddy colour.  Which I know sounds weird.  But I love the colour on this one.  Its dark enough to be edge but not too dark to look black or just dirty.  The little flakies show up really well in this one.  It really does make it look like vintage leather.

The application on this was much better, it didn’t dry as quickly as the first one and I was able to get a better handle on application across all my nails.  What you see here is mostly two coats.  I did a third when I could see light streaking.  I’m quite taken with this one (can you tell??).  Really wish we had the range of ten that are currently out in the US.. see more on Nouveau Cheap.

You can pick up Maybelline in most drugstores and some larger supermarkets.  Of course, you can pick them up online too.  Retail is around the £3 mark but there are often 3 for 2 or 2 for £5 deals.

What do you think?  Have you bought any of the limited edition vintage leather polishes?

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