L’Oreal Boheme Flower Top Coat – Coachelala

We saw these a few weeks ago, part of the new releases from L’Oreal. There are two that I’ve seen to date, one with pink glitter bits and white flowers, and then this one.  The excellently named Coachelala!

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I do love this one, orange bar bits with white flowers. I wore one coat of Coachelala over a base of one of the Essence Colour and Go in one of the Brazilian Greens, Beijos From Brazil, from last year – it reminds me of fresh green grass.  I based with Nailtiques 2 (still a little bit of peeling going on…) and then did one coat the Essence and one coat of the top coat.

Those flowers are probably the hardest to get out of the bottle.  It does come with quite a thick clear base, not unworkable, but you will need to roll it in your hands for a bit to get the glitter off the sides of the bottle.  Mine has two metal balls in it, to help mix the polish.  I got four flowers on each hand, so that isn’t too bad.

I picked up mine in a 3 for 2 cosmetics promotion in Boots, and a word of caution, check the bottles.  Often I find they have been opened and tested and so the bottle neck is all crusty.  Or you find one with a wonky brush like I did, so I just swapped the brush with another bottle.  I believe it was £4.99 and yes its a small bottle, but lets be honest – how ofter do you ever finish one?

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