Spotted! New Essence The Gel Nail

I was in quite a large Wilcos and having seen a new leader for The Gel Nails, I thought it best (for you my dear reader natrually) to pop by the Essence stand and see if the Gel Nails had actually landed. And they had! Along with some of the other new products….

So first up, just to say that this Wilcos has two bays making up it Essence display, so you may need to either visit a stand alone pop up or a larger store to get a bigger range.

As you can see, the whole top row on this bay and the next, is given over to the new polishes.  Every polish is the Essence core range is now a Gel Polish.    Here you can see is still includes the special finishes, such as the matte one you can see above.  Here you can also see the base and top coat needed to make the nails Gel.  The price point is excellent, polish is £1.60 and the top and base are £2.50 each. Also new to the stand, and I’m only focussing on the nail items here, are updated top coats.  From the left, holo glitter, sparkle sand, satin-matt, pastel ombre and the (not new) crackle top coat.  NB if you want to see all the new products, you can on this page on the Essence Website. Above you can see the wider range of pastel shades – these are not gel polishes, it appears to be the core range with the little colour cap that match the polish inside.

And finally, just another shot of the two required base and top coats for the Gel Nails.  This does mean that

I did pick up a few things, namely two gel polishes, the top and base coat for the gel nails, the ombre nail topper, the holo glitter topper and a foil transfer liquid (not picutred).  I have one of the gel nails on now for a wear text, so pop back in the next week or so, or sign up to alerts either by following me via email or through one of the links below.

Anything catch your eye?  Have you picked up any of these new items yet?

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Sally Hansen Color Foil – Sterling Silver

I thought I’d use the next couple of blog posts to catch up with some US Nail Polishes that I have recently been sent.  Up first, I have one for you that I have worn a lot, particularly on my toes, and I have actually loaned this bottle to several friends as they all went a bit gaga for it.  So I give you Sterling Silver, one of the new Sally Hansen Color Foils, part of a huge range of new shiny goodness!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We all  know that foil polishes can be a menace. They dry quickly even whilst you are on the first brush stroke meaning that you can often see your brush strokes.  AND top coat makes them shrink onto the nail in a seriously unattractive way.  That said, I love this and I love it hard.  This is some silver polish.

Formula is runny but not unworkable.  It goes onto the nail quite fluidly but it dries fast.  What you see above it two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!  I probably should have used more of a ridge filling polish to provide more of a smooth base, but there you go.  No top coat here.  Without top coat, I probably get a day out of it.  I did top up the tips and keep it on an extra day and that worked quite well.

As I mentioned this is a US Edition polish.  I have noticed several Sally Hansen lines, other than Complete Salon Manicure and Insta Dri, popping up in pound stores in the UK.  most recently, the Spring Jelly polishes from the Triple Shine line have been spotted.  You can get the odd one on eBay or perhaps get a US based buddy to send them over.  I can never quite understand why the SH range is so truncated in the UK, we’ve got a few bits and some glitter toppers, but I think they would make a killing if they broadened the range.

Anyway, rant over!  Let me know what you think in the comments!