Chanel – Fraicheur

Ah, Chanel. You bring out a limited edition polish and I will get out my wallet and buy it.  Noting new there if you’ve been following the blog for a while.  Its the one high end line guaranteed to make me go gaga.  Lets look at some pics!

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I’d never managed to get my hands on a bottle Jade, that cool green shade from many a year ago… so I was hopeful that this might go some way to making up for it. So I reserved my bottle and waited. Finally I was able to go and pick it up as it had come into the store some two weeks later than planned.

I raced home to get this onto my nails, look how pretty she is!? Lovely bit of hidden shimmer, almost too hidden if you ask me. You really can’t see it on the nail unless you are directly under artificial light, and it has to be strong. Then you can see the shimmer, peaking out at you.

The other problem I have is with the formula. Its a nightmare to put it bluntly. I need two coats and each one was a pain to put on.  Its a bit gloopy and not a great formula.  Its really patchy on all coats.  And if you look closely you can probably see that on the nail.  And you have to wait between coats, if you go to apply a second when you normally would, the polish clumps up and drags something horrible.  Ugh.  Even with years of having painted my nails, years, I found this hard to work with.

Only positive?  The colour is to die for.  I love it.  Such a pretty colour and not similar to anything I have in the stash.  If I hadn’t already bought it, when I read some of the reviews, I might have given it a pass.  £18 is a lot of anyones money to spend on a polish when you can get a good, quality polish for a lot less.

Anyway let me know what you think in the comments!

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