Spotted! Free nail polish in November 2015 Glamour (uk) and Elle (uk) November 2015

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT!  More free nail polishes are now available if you purchase either Glamour or Elle November 2015 UK editions.  In Glamour there is a choice of Nails Inc Shades and in Elle there is a choice of Orly shades.

I’ve just noticed that one of those Orly ones looks like a duochrome, must of missed that!  Will have to go back and look as I only saw gray ones.

Have you got any of these?  Any pics to share or fave picks?  Let me know in the comments

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Spotted! Free New Cid Nail Polish in Cosmoplitan (UK) May 2015 Edition

Quickly, I just saw this in my local supermarket – so when you are out buying your Easter Sunday dinners, you can pick this up too! 4 shades are available. Red, dark red, pink and a nude shade by New Cid. Have you heard of New Cid before?  Did you already pick one of these up?  Let me know in the comments.

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Free Nails Inc polish in Marie Claire (UK edition, April 2015)

Well, somehow I managed to miss this.  But there you go, you can’t get everything!  Four Nails Inc shades available in the April 2015 edition of Marie Claire, UK Edition.

Did you pick any of these up?  Seen any swatches online?   Feel free to share links in the comments.

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New Things I Have Spotted #50 – Free Nails Inc polish with InStyle magazine

Just a heads up Nail Polish loving people….


In the June Edition of InStyle Magazine you can collect one of three Nails Inc polish, more info from InStyle here.

If you are looking for swatches, you can check out Kerruticle’s with You’re A Peach and Racho’s Nail Love for swatches of all three.

The magazine retails for £3.90 and the polish is usually in the £11 ball park, so a good deal if the colours appeal to you.  Did you get any?


New Things I have Spotted #24 – Free Nail Polish in August Cosmopolitan Magazine and ArtDeco Cosmetics

So, another month of magazines, another free nail polish.  This time its the August 2012 edition of Cosmopolitan giving away one of three shades of Missguided nail polish. EDIT – you can see what these look like with the LOVELY 74 Days of Polish


Also Spotted this weekend was a concession I had given no time to in my local Debenhams.  ArtDeco appears to be German brand.  They have some nice looking polishes and what appears to be a series of limited edition editions which I have pictures of below.



Ciate – Jelly Bean (Free with this months Maire Claire UK Magazine)

As the last days of my holiday are trickling by, I decided to go all girly pink with my free Ciate nail polish that came with my Marie Claire magazine. Caite Nail polishes are, in my experience, great quality.  They usually retail for £9 so £3.70 for a magazine that you might already buy monthly is great.

Like the other Ciate Polishes I have tried, Jelly Bean has a great formula.  In the bottle you can see a hint of a purple shimmer, which sadly, doesn’t translate at all onto the nail.  That is a real shame because it elevates it from a hot pink creme to something with tonnes of interest.  Putting that aside the formula is great.  First coat might look at bit odd, but keep going and you get good even coverage with three coats.  That is what you can see in the images below.  Three coats is that I used and is that I would recommend with this polish.  There is a *hint* of VNL but its a great colour and worth just buying the magazine for.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t have any of the other free Marie Claire polishes, do you?  Any pictures to share?

July Marie Claire with Free Ciate Nail Polish

Its well worth getting to a magazine stand near you this month, for the UK edition of Marie Claire has a free Ciate Nail Polish (worth £9, magazine £3.70).  The one shown here is Jellybean, a hot pink with a very subtle purple shimmer.  There are two others, a taupe colour (Bon Bon) and a lilac/pale purple (Purple Sherbert). Swatches can be seen on Beautifully Addicted to or Polished Criminails as I’m just about to go on holiday

Plus, if you buy anything online from Ciate, you get 25% off any order in June AND July.  Now that is worth checking out!



EDIT – I have updated this post to include a link to the Marie Claire website, updated the names of the polishes and included links to other sites that have swatches.

Free Nails Inc with InStyleUK Magazine June 2012

This month in InStyle UK magazine, nail polish loving ladies can get one of three Nails Inc shades.  I fell for two of them, Power Pink and Bluebell.  The Magazine retails at £3.80, Nails Inc for about £11, so you do the maths and figure out if this is a great deal or not.  (FYI – it is!)

This is the second time I’m aware of this happening, in case you missed it, these were last years ones. I have all three of these because they are LOVELY!!!


Here are some bottle promo shots as seen on which is a great beauty read if you don’t follow already.

Which one did you get?  Or did you get all three? I will do some swatches in the next day or so, so keep checking back!