Spotted! Asda polishes 

I’ve not been in my local Asda for a while, so I took the opportunity to swing by their make up section and see what was new. Quite a few things actually….

First up, new inserts in the stands.  Highlighting new make up products as well as a new nail care range.

Here you can see the three nail care products, called Dr Corrector.  From the left we have Ridge Filler, in the middle Smudge Corrector and on the right, Blush.  I can guess what the first two products are and I can only assume that the last one is a tinted coat for nails.  £2 each.


Then I saw these as well, not sure if I’ve seen these before, so just in case.  Here are the Star Struck One Coat Glitters.


And than, beneath that, I spotted some matte shades and a matte top coat.


And that was that!  As I say, a few new things for your viewing pleasure.  Anything catch your eye?

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New Things I Have Spotted #48 – George at Asda, Kate Moss for Rimmel, Barry M and 2True

A few things to show you in this edition of Spotted!

First up, yet more of those Caviar Bead things, this time from George at Asda. You know a trend has crossed into the mainstream when you can pick it up with your fruit and veg.


Then, the new Salon Pro Kate Moss polishes.  Lots of usual colour lines here, nothing that screams BUY ME NOW, although the formula could be awesome.  Not sign of them yet on the Rimmel website.


Bottle Shots here.


Then the Barry M Nail Art Pens that are getting bloggers all excited.  Available now on the Superdrug website for £.499 each.


Finally. MORE of those Nail Caviar things and new Salon Shine polishes from 2True.  At first glance I thought someone had misplaced the Gelly Barry M’s but no. Its a new line. Salon Shines are £4 and 3D Candy Art are £3 each.


So there you have it, some new things in the stores now.  What’s fallen into your basket?