Chanel Malice – Comparisons & Dupes

So I have noticed that my most popular blog post of the last couple of months is the one on Chanel Malice. I think this is mainly because I attempted to do some comparisons and possible dupes. So, I have tried to take better images of those polishes that are thought to be very close dupes as well as some in the brighter red spectrum.


I just grabbed ones I have previously compared against, along with some other reds you may have in your stash for comparison.  As you can see, Sinful Color’s Lying Nails and Barielle’s Glammed Out Garnet are way off base.  Germanicure is close in shade as are Sinful Color’s Rich in Heart and OPI’s Every Month is Oktoberfest.  Here is a closer look with those last two.


This is, from left, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, Chanel Malice and Sinful Colors Rich in Heart


The above picture was taken in natural light, its not great, but you can see the dupes.


Again, this is, from left, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, Chanel Malice and Sinful Colors Rich in Heart

My feeling is that none of these are a spot on dupe, but they are close.  If you haven’t already striked out for Malice, now may be the time.  In the UK the Spring 2013 collection has just come out and it was a limited edition.  Otherwise, if you don’t want to shell out the RRP £18, then one of the above might help offset the need.

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OPI – Germanicure by OPI

OPI are seriously knocking collections out of the park at the moment, not only do they have the just released Skyfall/James Bond Collection, but the Germany Collection was completely amazing too!  What I have to show you today is from the Germany Collection, well I think the clue is in the name….

Let’s get straight onto the images as this is a beauty…

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Germanicure is a deep russet red polish, with that wonderful lit from within quality that we have seen a lot in OPI polishes recently.  Its such a deep rich autumnal colour that just glows on the nail.  It is wonderful.  The images above are three thin coats over Essie all-in-one base coat and my recently ‘restored’ seche vite.  Formula was just perfect on this, thin, workable and self leveling.  Drying time between coats was excellent, I had prepped, painted and top coated within 20 minutes.

In the UK the official reseller of OPI is Lena White, its worth signing up to their newsletter as you often get sent discount codes.  There are plenty of other good outlets as well.  Pricing in the UK is £11 a bottle (thats $17.50 to US girls… I know, I know…)

What did you get from the Germany Collection?