P2 Summer Attack – Green Palm Tree

I have another lovely polish that the fabulous Lindz sent me over from Europe.  I can’t get P2 in the UK so it was a HUGE delight to get this in my recent nail care package.  This is from the Summer 2014 range, cleverly called Summer Attack! And I love the promo image above – fab and summer perfect!

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This is called Green Palm Tree, a lovely shimmer gold flecked polish.  The green is just perfect for summer.  What you see above is three thin coats over a base of Essence Anti Split Nail Sealer.  I topped with G&G HK Girl which helps seal in the shine.  Formula is good, thin coats meant it dried quickly and three coats hardly took any longer than two average coats.

As I say, P2 isn’t available in the UK, you may find some on eBay or if like me, you might be lucky enough to have a nail polish buddy in Europe.  I do love this and I get see it getting a lot of love on my nails.

Let me know what you think in the comments!


Covergirl Outlast -315 Timeless Rubies

Another polish from my selection from the US, few more to go now, we are getting there.  This is one of the new Covergirl nail polishes, back in the US Nail market.  I picked up this on because it spoke to me from the shelf and its shiny prettiness just had to find its way onto my nails!

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Timeless Rubies is a great glass flecked polish, which looks red or orange depending on the light.  It does have a slight duochrome on the nail.  Formula was good, what you see above it two average coats over G&G Stuck on Blu! with a top coat of G&G HK Girl to seal it all in (I know it does say base and top coat all in one on the Covergirl website)  First coat does look a bit thin but a second coat sorts that out.

I did only pick up the one, but there were some very lovely shades on that shelf in Target…..

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Essence – 91 Glamorous Life

Here is one of the Essence polishes I received from my lovely friend in Holland.  Glamorous Life is a red glass flecked polish with strong pink undertones.  Like all the Colour and Go Essence Polishes, its a lovely little bottle holding 5ml of product, and is an absolute bargain for the price.

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The formula on this one was a little bit on the runny side – careful application needed.  However, after three thin and careful coats, you can see the results above.  I used Essie Billionails as the undercoat and then used Seche Vite on top.  Its very shiny when it dries anyway, but a top coat just helps to bring the best of the flecks out.

I’ll be honest here, wear was not like the other Essence Polishes I have.  It was chipped within 24 hours.  I may need to retry this with a different base coat and top coat as I did experience significant shrinkage and that may have contributed to the reduced wear time.  The colour is FANTASTIC, I could not have asked for a better summer colour and I am definitely going to wear it again.

If you are interested in the different types of nail polishes, you can check out the HUGE range on this brilliant guide on Lacquerized. I often use this guide to ensure consistency when writing and tagging posts.

Do you have any of the Colour and Go polishes?

European Nail Swap

In one of my Nail Polish exchange groups, they are many opportunities for exciting swaps for polishes you cannot get in your local stores.  I recently undertook a swap with a lovely woman in the Netherlands for some Essence polishes I was lusting after.  I’m not going to put them in a slideshow, so just keep scrolling.


So, first up we have two of the three glitter polishes from the Fruity edition.  One the right we have One Kiwi a Day, lovely green polish with darker green glitter.  On the left is either Mashed Berries or Very Cherry, as I don’t have the third one I am not sure.  In swatches they both clearly have the same glitter.  So until I get this on my nails, it could be either.  If you have any ideas, please comment below, all help gratefully received.


Above we have on the right, 85 Galactic Black and the on the left, 87 Passion for Fashion.  Lovely!


Above we have on the left 78 Blue Addicted, a Deborah Lippman dupe, the lovely Adina has some fab swatches here

Finally, here is a little shot of them all together,  Lovely non?  Essence is such a fab, versatile and cheap range.  I so wish we could get them in the UK.  Until then, thank goodness for Polish Buddies such as the lovely Maddy from Holland.

And whilst we are on the subject of swaps, the aforementioned lovely Adina of Blue Collar Red Lipstick, posted about a package I sent her recently – you can check that out here!

OPI – Animal-istic

Now this little gem was part of yet another polish swap with a lovely US based blogger, The Nail Polish Guru.  I know I’ve done a lot of swatching of US based polishes lately, but they are lovely and there are ways to get your hands on them.

Animal-istic was part of The Muppets range released by OPI in Winter 2011 to coincide with the movie (which incidentally, I loved) and is a collection packed full of glitter and shimmer and loveliness.  That said, I don’t own any others.  Which is odd because they are right up my street.

Anyway, this is lovely glass flecked red-orange.  Its not an orange red.  No no no.  Its a red-orange.  Its very sheer in one coat, giving a hint to the nail that looks slightly unpleasant.  But a couple more coats and bang, there you go!  Formula as well as being sheer was a bit runny but if you apply thin coats and give a good amount of time for drying you will be fine. Its so worth it for the colour alone, trust me…

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I adore colours like this, red, oranges, orange-red, red-orange.  Seems I’m on a bit of a thing with them at the moment….

You can buy The OPI Muppet Collection from Lena White in the UK for £8.25 each (current reduced price…)

Did you buy any from the Muppet collection?