Seventeen – Tropical Punch & In The Surf


So you may recall seeing the image above in a recent Spotted! column here.  Finally getting around to sharing these new Seventeen Colour Clash glitter top coats.  As you can see, there is a mainly blue one and a mainly orange one – but in a nice touch, there are hints of the blue in the orange and vice versa.  Cute huh?

Anyway, what do these babies look like on?  Lets look at some pictures

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As you can see, there is a difference between the two polishes, but surprisingly they are more similar than you might initially think!  On first glance it is hard to see that the orange shade, Tropical Punch, has lots of smaller orange glitter pieces.  Both polishes have white glitter within them alongside smaller green pieces.  In the Surf seems to pull more white glitter than blue.

However, that aside, I love glitter toppers like these.  Great for extending a mani by another day, or for accent nails and the like.  I’m going to give these a go over black and see if the colour difference is more obvious.  Or maybe green.  I dunno, my stash is my oyster!

Seventeen is readily available in Boots stores.  These were part of a new stand alone display as well as an integral piece of the stand – so check out your store especially if its a big one!  I *think* I paid £3.99 each, but got them via one of Boots’ regular 3 for 2’s.

What do you think?  A step too far?

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