Sally Hansen – Rock Chic

So a quick post for you today – this is one of the many Sally Hansen’s I ordered from a US based seller on eBay.  I got several others at the same time. This is from the Xtreme Wear Color Vibrations Glitter Mania collection – from what I can see, its limited edition.

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There has been a lot of US blog chatter about how bad these glitter toppers are.  This one is not an exception to that.  As you can see, its a mix of bar glitter – which I know a LOT of you hate.  This is just awful.  Too much base and not enough glitter.  I did two coats over white and you can see the image above which shows the fill line once I had done that.  And the base bubbles like a biatch.  Awful.

Anyway, its pretty and I matted it up because the tiny bubbles were doing my head in!


Revlon Moon Candy – Galactic

A US friend who I keep stocked in Barry M recently sent me the three outstanding polishes from the Revlon Moon Candy Collection.  As you can imagine I was thrilled with them, so here is the first one of the three.  Galactic.

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Now I know I have said it before, but my word, the quality of these base polishes is amazing.  This one is a dark blue, a really deep rich navy colour.  It is a true one coater and drying time was excellent.  The Moon Candy part is a blue flakie mix and you put this over the top of the dry base colour.  I love this one, it provides a super pop of glitz and bling.  It is a little bit tricky to work with as the little flakes are quite bit in places and so they have a tendency to point up and catch on things.  I coated with Seche Vite and then as it got a bit tracky I pressed the raised ends down into the drying Seche.  I would say you either need to spend time getting it to lie flat or you go for two thick coats of Seche.

I jus tlove these effects and it is a shame that you cannot just buy the nail toppers on their own, but beacuse the base colour is so amazing it is totally worth it.

Now, there is some EXCITING news for us UK gals.  No longer are these polishes reliant on you having an amzing US Nail pal.  Revlon have FINALLY releassed these into the UK market.  As first seen on British Beauty Blogger these can now be purchased in Boots for £7.99, along with the Neon Nail Art sister polishes.