Spotted – New L’Oreal Nail Polishes, GOSH, MUA and Essence in Wilkos

Despite it being the height of summer here in the UK sales market, I have noticed one or two new things popping onto shelves near you.  First up, I was drawn to the fact the L’Oreal have updated their nail sections in many Boots and Superdrug stores.  Some simple nail art inspiration here.

Then I noticed something I have seen no press for at all – new double ended L’Oreal Nail Polish.  There is a polish (step 1) followed by a tinted top coat (step 2).  Curious……. RRP is £7.99 so there are not cheap but I can’t find any further information on the internet either. UPDATE – British Beauty Blogger has more info HERE

After seeing a badly filled Shades of Grey stand, I finally see a filled one.  Lots of repromotes here and those new Stardust polishes.




MUA has released from new nail polish products – a super strong basecoat, a peel off base coat (interesting that it is clear and doesn’t look like PVA glue in a bottle) and the now ubiquitous matte top coat.


And for those of you that haven’t had enough of me banging on about Essence hitting the UK, this is the small updated stand in my local Wilkos (which is only a tiny branch so it only has the 1m line up)  Although small, there is quite a lot packed into this and the price points are excellent.


So there we go, a quick update of what is new out there.  If you Spot something, please let me know, either via Twitter or by email and I can share your findings far and wide!

Let me know what you think in the comments


Spotted! New Bourjois, 2True Go Matte Top Coat & GOSH Shade of Grey Stardusy Polishes

Alrightly, a number of updated stands to share with you today.  First up, new insert in the Bourjois stand for nail polish only.20140701-203632-74192207.jpg As you can see above, three sections to the new insert.  On the left Colour Block – no new shades.

20140701-203641-74201023.jpgIn the middle section, glitter Texture with two new shades.  Oh My Gold and Champagne Shower.  Its worth noting that the shade above ISN’T Champagne Shower, but just one put there to made the stand look full.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.

IMG_6039And then the final section on the right – pretty pastels, with one new shade Peace and Mauve (not pictured)


Then I saw this (above) in the 2True stand.  Looks like room for some other bits around the go… matte top coat.

20140701-203732-74252926.jpgFinally, a new edition to the GOSH stand hot on the heels of the Facebook Favourites!  Now I do think that these polishes do not belong in this stand (but they work as they are grey-ish) so looks like a range of grey polishes to come along.   These ones are called Stardust.

20140701-203751-74271269.jpgHere are the names of the new shades.

20140701-203748-74268961.jpgAnd then I can only apologise fort he blurry picture – I was trying to be discrete whilst minding a child and holding several hair products…. don’t ask! But you can see the glittery goodness.  Maybe another textured polish??

Anyway, that is all for this Spotted!  Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments!

Spotted! MUA Luxe Glitter Toppers, L’Oreal Colour Riche, Chanel & GOSH

Ahhhh new things for you today on what is a lovely sunny afternoon in Manchester.  Hope its sunny where you are 🙂

First up, some mew editions to the MUA Luxe line in the form of some rather tasty looking glitter toppers. Not sure how much £X is mind….

20140620-172130-62490484.jpgThese are the first two on the left, a purple, black and white glitter, and a blue, purple and white with bar glitter.

20140620-172145-62505607.jpgThis is the middle pair – a orange and turquoise diamond glitter with black and white bar glitter, the second one is a purple, pink and blue diamond glitter with black and white bar glitter.


And then the two on the right, green, gold and yellow diamond glitters with black and white bar glitter and a pink micro glitter one.

20140620-172202-62522374.jpgThen the new summer shade from L’Oreal, a lovely juicy tangerine shade


You can see it here with the little green ‘new’ logo


Just for you, a sneaky snap of the new Chanel Summer 2014….

20140620-172342-62622651.jpgFinally the new GOSH competition winner shades for you.  One polish and one lippie.



So there we go, quite a few new things to check out.  I’m kinda digging those MUA Luxe Glitter toppers.  I;ve not seen that much diamond glitter in the UK market in one line!

Let me know if you get anything in the comments below and have a fabulous weekend.

New Things I Have Spotted #82 – GOSH Frosted Sand Look Pastels & New Look Polishes in Claires

Hello! Hope you are all doing well?  Picked up any new beauties recently?  This time of year is always choc with new releases and updates.  I have a couple of recent Spots for you below.

First up, the new GOSH Frosted Sand Look Glittery Finish nail polishes.  Three shades in pastel colours.  According to the Superdrug website, there are now nine in total.




Then I noticed through the window of Claires, some new polishes, giving me a wink.  The bottles look new to me, but they could have been going for a while.  However, some VERY interesting shades…. first up these splatter effects, similar to Maybelline Color Show Street Artist collection – but in different shades!20140407-114308.jpg

Then some milky glittery shades….


And then I saw this mini pack with glitter.  Cute huh?  There are all sorts of nail related things on the Claire’s Website, all at a variety of prices, but if you are passing it might be worth popping in and having a wee look.


Anything catch your eye this time?  Do you have any of those Claire’s polishes?   Let me know in the comments

New Things I Have Spotted #80 – GOSH Frosted Finish, Revlon Graffiti Shades, updated Barry M stands

A few more things out on shelves now! First up new shades in the GOSH Frosted Sand Look.  A salmon pink, a darker pink and a brown, all imaged below.20140323-163318.jpg

Sneak preview of the new pastel shades of texture from GOSH too.


New Revlon toppers in Black and Red, similar to many available in the US market but a bit unique to the UK.


And then, I’ve seen this a couple of times now, an update to the Barry M stands explaining how to ‘use’ the Aquarium shades.


So another quick run through for you all there, anything catch your eye?

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New Things I Have Spotted #54 – GOSH, 1D, Nail Crush, Bourjois

My word, its AUGUST!!!  How the heck did that happen?  July is a 5 week month how can it have gone by so quickly?? Bah humbug!  But on the plus side, it means my August two week vacation is just over 2 weeks away.  Exciting!

Anyway, enough about me, how are you guys?  Holiday plans?  Holiday manis planned?  I have another edition of Spotted! for you today with a number of new items in the market and local drugstore.

First up, more textured polishes enter the world.  This time from GOSH called Frosted Sand Look, retail about £4.99 and I saw three new shades as seen below.


Here you can see the names and numbers 01 to 03.  Not sure if there might be an 04, but let me know if you spot it!


Then I spotted the 1Direction Nail Polishes, not unique colours, but selling because of the 1D connection no doubt.  These were the only two left.


Underneath the 1D polishes I saw this little sign about Nail Crush!  Quite excited about them… potential to be AWESOME!


More new Bourjois stands, this one has a new yellow and the other two a repromotes of existing colours.


Changes at the Revlon stand too, with the release of The Evening Opulence Collection by Gucci Westman.  The silver/green polish, called Rich, looks like it might be a dupe for the forthcoming (in the UK at least) Fall Chanel 2013.  Keep your eyes peeled for comparisons.


And now the new Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat and Sugar Coat polishes are in the stands in Superdrug as well as Boots.



Finally, even more textured polishes.  These ones from Posh Polish and called Grit FX.


Anything catch your eye this time?

New Things I have Spotted #8 – Nails Inc, 2true, GOSH & YSL

It was a nice day today, we popped into the city to mooch about and visit a couple of art things.  For once, we were able to walk about town without the rain we have been having almost non stop since Tuesday.  Hurrah.  More importantly, there are some new nail polishes out.

First up is Nails Inc and their Nail Jewellery, they retail at £11 each.  Really cute and SUPER sparkly, I was tempted.

Next up is 2true, a range I haven’t given much thought to as it is on a turning stand in SuperDrug.  I need to rectify this asap. 8 new shades available, inlcuding a lovely lavender/blue with a hint of a shimmer, Tee Dee over at Cute-tickle Nails has swatches


Then four new GOSH polishes, a cream/vanilla, an orange with a hint of shimmer, an aqua and olive gold.  Lovely, quite tempted with the orange, but I’m holding off on oranges for a while since my Polish Twim has been FAR too nice to me… 😉


And last, but my no means least, a new range of polishes in heavy seemingly HUGE bottles YSL.  Again I was drawn to the orange and that blue, so much like IKB.  There is one next to the top coat that is VERY similar to Dior’s Or Tzarina 916 No idea of price point, but I reckon about £16 or so,  if not £18 like Chanel.