Catrice – Reggaeton

Another European polish for you today.  This is Reggeaton by Catrice from the Cubaca Limited Edition Line.  Its a chocolate brown with an unusual pale green shimmer rippling through the polish – quite unusual.

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Like many of the Catrice polishes, the formula on this is good.  Its not too runny just on the right side of that.  What you see above is three thin coats as I was trying to build up the shimmer.

Sadly, like many polishes, the shimmer doesn’t translate that well onto the nail.  In direct and/or strong light you can see it, but I was unable to capture it in my images.  Its very unusual and for that reason I am very happy to have this in my stash.  I base coated with Essie all-in-one base polish and top coated with Seche Vite to provide a shine.  I think next time I will see if the shimmer is more apparent without the top coat.

Catrice is readily available in Europe, sadly not in the UK, but with lovely polish pals, I can get my fix.  I shall be on my annual holiday to Tenerife in March, so I will be stocking up.  There are some great forthcoming ranges which you can see here on their website and you can follow the brand on Facebook.