Dior – Windsor

From elleuk.com

I was recently able to bag one of the limited edition Dior Vernis from Harrods (don’t judge me, I adore Dior almost as much as my beloved Chanel).  This beauty is 807 Windsor, an amazing gunmetal gray rippled through with that Dior sparkle shimmer.

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Now my pictures really do not do this justice, it is amazing.  You will notice a bit of tip wear in my images, that is because I didn’t have time to take images before I had to go out and then life happened and it was two days later.  But the wear is pretty good as I do a LOT of typing at work.

Anyway, this is lovely.  Pretty much a one coater too.  What you see above it two coats of Windsor of Seche Clear base with a Seche Vite top coat.  The brush is typical of Dior polishes, shaped and tapered, almost a perfect width for my nail.  Plus you can get close to the cuticle without getting any paint on it.  The shimmer is pretty apparent on the nail but not in my images.  I love it, its super classy and is a great way to wear gunmetal.

I ordered mine directly from Harrods, through their website, where they also have a few limited edition Diors (just not my lemming Lime), shipping was a bit steep at £6 for one polish and it came in the world biggest box for a single polish.  There was so much bubblewrap I don’t think I am ever going to need to buy any more.  That side, it was so well wrapped and it nice to see care taken over it.

Anyway, Windsor has a sister polish that is now sold out, so if you want Windsor get a move on and click here! RRP is £18.