New Things I Have Spotted #76 – OPI, M&S Autograph, Next & MUA

I’ve had the day off, so I took the opportunity to have a pootle through the shops and see what was going on polish-wise.  Quite a few new things on shelves… lets take a look!

First up, I spotted the Gwen Stefani and Brazil OPI collections in my local John Lewis.  They also had all the Gwen polishes, including the minis, the special edition boxed red and the silver foil, and they also had both mini sets of the Brazil polishes – one creme, one liquid sands.



I know we looked at M&S last time, but they are at it again with new releases.  This time as part of their autograph collection – three shimmers (although one does look potentially holo-ish!) at £5 each.



Its been a long time since I’ve been in a Next, but I did see this range of £3 nail polish.  Some interesting finishes and colour ways.


And then finally, in Superdrug, the MUA Foil Luxe Nail Polishes are out.  These are just like the colourfoil kits you may have already seen.  You get a base colour, some foils and (possibly) glue and away you go.  These are RRP £5 and come in three different colour/finish ways.



So there we go, thats all for this Spotted! anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments.

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