HARE – Bisbee

OK, here is another recently found set of images.

This is HARE Bisbee – the Old version, from the wonderful HARE Polish.  There is now a Bisbee 2.0.

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A sea green base packed with gold glitter.  I loved this, no idea what I based with but its looking like a Seche Vite top coat.

Anyway, who doesn’t love a HARE polish?  You can get them direct from the etsy shop or via Llarowe. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook page either for offers and sneak peeks of new collections.


Hare – A Positive

I have another HAREpolish for your viewing pleasure today.  This one is a beauty I had my eye on for a while but I had been unable to get hold of it in any restocks until recently.  And this one is a lovely, lovely polish.

Its a lovely jelly red filled with silver glitter of various sizes, and as the name suggests, the red is a wonderful blood red shade.  I’ve not got many jellies, simply because I like a full coverage shade.  However, this works so well and the glitters just glint through making it look so very pretty.

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Coverage was good, I did one thin coat to cover the nail and then resorted to a thicker blob onto the nail that I pushed around with the brush until I was happy with the glitter placement.  Its not an easy an application as some of my glitters, but I think they pay off is worth it.  I base coated with Formula 2 Nailtiques and a thin layer of Seche Clear Base. I top coated with a liberal layer of Seche Vite Top Coat.

Unsurprisingly it has worn like iron.  It hardly chipped and tip wear was minimal after a couple of days.  In fact I wore it for nearly three days until my nail started to peel (hence the Formula 2).  Removal wasn’t too hideous but either use the cotton wool ball or the foil removal method for the sake of your own sanity!

Follow the HARE blog, visit HAREpolish on esty to purchase, like the Facebook page or visit Llarowe to buy.  Collections are released fairly regularly, with lots of updates on the blog and Facebook, and there are some lovely new ones for late fall.

Hare – Dog Day Dream

I have a lovely indie polish to show you from the wonderful talented HARE polish.  I bought two for my first foray into this range having heard lots of lovely and wonderful things about the quality and colours.  I’m not disappointed in any way, only I now wish I had bought more.

This is Dog Day Dream form the Where’s Summer, B? Summer 2012 collection, a jellie pinky red polish with pink, purple and red glitter embedded within it.  Its lovely, unlike anything else I own and a dream to apply.

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What you see above is three thin coats, the colour and intensity of the glitter built up really well.  In fact getting the glitter on my nails was not an issue in any way.  It glided on.  Drying time was average.  I used Essie all-in-one as a base with a thick coat of Seche Vite. And let me tell you, it wore like iron, completely like iron.  Brilliant. Like all polish with glitter in, care and a bit of time is needed to remove it in its entirety.

You can keep up to date with some of the DIVINE forthcoming releases from HARE polish by checking out the blog here, on the etsy HARE polish shop (where international shipping is available) and Facebook.  Let me know what you get!