China Glaze – Immortal

This is a polish I have worn a couple of times but neglected to take images.  So here, third time lucky, is China Glaze Immortal from the Halloween 2012 collection.

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As you can see, this is a slate gray polish with hints of shimmer within.  There is a hint of pink and blue, its a super wearable colour and goes with most things.  Application was good, I used three thin coats to build up opacity.  I base coated with Seche Clear, top coating with Seche Vite to make it last longer.  Formula was good, not too runny and not too thick.  Drying time was quicker than average.

I love these gray polishes with shimmers, I have quite a few, I’m getting a bit obsessed.  I’m not sure if Immortal is still available, but you can pick up China Glaze polishes from eBay, Amazon and other online retailers.  Let me know your hot links if you find any!