Halloween Nails with MoYou Halloween Plate

I got one of the Halloween plates, before they all sold out at MoYou.  And I am glad I did as they are all gone!  This is from the Festive collection, which also includes Easter, Christmas and New Year plates.

I did a bit of a mix and match here, using some of the different images and different colours.  I love the spiders on the thumbnail – its a base of Maybelline Color Show Vinyl, Grey Beats, stamped with a variety of Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes.  All sealed in with a coat of G&G HK Girl.

Happy Halloween!!!





Sally Hansen Insta Dri – Chop Chop Copper

So, I think this the penultimate polish from the US Haul from November.  We have one more coming up.  This one is one that I had my eye on when I saw the first swatches of the Fall 2013 Insta Dri line (as well as the red one but I’ve not found that one yet).

This is Chop Chop Copper

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This formula is quite sheer, so what you see above is four thin coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu! Formula did build up, its quite a complex shade so its a shame its not a bit more explicit.  There is a real mix of pink and green when you really look at this polish or its under intense light.

I might try a thin layer of this over other dark polishes, could be quite interesting.

I know that here in the UK a lot of Insta Dri polishes can be found in Poundland or other pound shops.  You can also pick them up on some online cosmetic discounters.  I got a whole bunch in my local Pound World and they are great for stamping!

What are your fave Sally Hansen polishes?