Sally Hansen Insta Dry – Pewter Power

Quick post for you today with one of my recent Poundland pick ups.  This little Sally Hansen beauty was £1 and there were several other colours.  Insta-dry isn’t a line on the UK Sally Hansen page but I am assuming that these are US clear outs as its a line available in the US>

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As with most of this range, drying time is excellent.  The brush is tapered so it fits onto your nails surprisingly well.  And its almost a one coater, quite impressive.  I based coated with Seche Clear and then a layer of Seche Vite as a top coat sandwiched between two layer of polish.  Formula was good, not too thick and its a lovely shiny polish.  Quite pleased with this for £1.

So, you UK girls, did you get any deals at Poundland?


Sally Hansen – In a Flurry

Quick post today, with a polish sent o me from my lovely Canadian polish twin.

When I first got into polish, I had a lot of Sally Hansens, they were cheap and plentiful.  Now I tend to forget about the line, which is a shame, because every so often there are some new gems.  Like this one.

This is In A Flurry, one of the fall 2012 colours issued in August or September this year.  Its a black creme base with flecks of green, gray and silver within it.  In the bottle it is very sparkly.

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What you see above is three coats.  I’ll be frank, the formula was a bit gloopy and problematic for me. It also seemed to take an age to dry.  Nevertheless, I think its nice.  The sparkle in it is very subtle once its on the nail, so if you are hoping for a bit of bling, you may want to pass this one by.  I used my Essie all-in-one as the base coat and then topped with a thick layer of Seche Vite.  I went a bit thicker then usual with the Seche as I also found it dried a bit bumpy.  Wear time wasn’t that hot either, but I wonder if thinner coats and a bit of patience might work best here.

If you want to see the most amazing swatches of all three fall shades, you can see them on Scrangie’s blog.  Yes her with the magical fingers!