New Things I Have Spotted – More new L’Oreal Colour Riche Polishes

A quick update on the new L’Oreal glitter polishes we saw last week – seems there are actually three in the range. In larger stands I have now seen a pink and red matte glitter mix. 20140518-110307-39787614.jpg
Then MORE new L’Oreal in the form of these Jeans Effects. Although there is only three shown in the following pics I can confirm that there are two blues and two pinks available in what looks like a micro collection of four.  I am drawn to that orange/yellow on and may have to purchase before the 3 for 2 (running in both Boots and Superdrug) ends.
Missing shade 861 is a pale blue colour.  For conparisons on the US editions, you can check out this post on Nouveau Cheap.

So there you go MUCH excitement in the updated L’Oreal stands. I am NOT a fan of these skinny UK L’Oreal bottles and wish we had the same square ones as the US.  But that might just be me! Anything catch your eye?