Spotted! New Rimmel Stands

Another quick stopped update for you – new display stands are being whipped into stores up and down the country!  I have to admit I’m not 100% sure these are new shades as I know Venus was a release earlier this year….  Maybe its the more summery shades that are new… who knows!

But exciting with new stands, come new offers.  I can’t remember what this one is, but you get something free when you spend £9….

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New Things I Have Spotted #88- Kate Moss for Rimmel

Straight off the bat, I am going to stop numbering these posts as I can’t keep up… unless you want me to keep numbering so you know which ones are most recent or not???  Please leave me a comment with you preference – this one is numbered but the next stopped won’t be.

Still no sign of those elusive Maybelline Color Show Acid Wash Effect polishes, there appears to be four in the range from what I can tell from empty stands.  Green, blue and lilac and a shade I cannot determine from the name.  No images to show you of the name slots as I can’t get a good enough pic to share.

Anyhow… new Kate Moss for Rimmel under the name Boho Rhapsody.  They could be repromotes, I didn’t get time to check and apologies for the very ‘dusty’ looking images.  However, a report in the Evening Standard, leads me to believe they are new.



So there we are, just a little bit of Spotting to keep you going until next time!  Let me know what catches your eye.

New Things I Have Spotted #48 – George at Asda, Kate Moss for Rimmel, Barry M and 2True

A few things to show you in this edition of Spotted!

First up, yet more of those Caviar Bead things, this time from George at Asda. You know a trend has crossed into the mainstream when you can pick it up with your fruit and veg.


Then, the new Salon Pro Kate Moss polishes.  Lots of usual colour lines here, nothing that screams BUY ME NOW, although the formula could be awesome.  Not sign of them yet on the Rimmel website.


Bottle Shots here.


Then the Barry M Nail Art Pens that are getting bloggers all excited.  Available now on the Superdrug website for £.499 each.


Finally. MORE of those Nail Caviar things and new Salon Shine polishes from 2True.  At first glance I thought someone had misplaced the Gelly Barry M’s but no. Its a new line. Salon Shines are £4 and 3D Candy Art are £3 each.


So there you have it, some new things in the stores now.  What’s fallen into your basket?