Spotted! Essence Hidden Stories and KIKO Perfect Gel Duos.

A quick update for you this morning, our local Essence stand has a new Trend Edition available.  This is Hidden Stories. It mainly pastel in the range, both in the eye products and nail products.  The nail products come in a variety of finishes.  There is a matte one, a frosted one, a sparkling one, a metallic one and an iced one.  Not sure what the last one is, but you can see them all here. Also on my travels in Leeds, I saw the new KIKO Perfect Gel Duos.  A good range of core colours.  You get the nail colour and the gel top coat.  According to the website they are limited edition, so if they catch your eye, best to grab them sooner rather than later! RRP is £7.90 and all shades appear available on the website.  

I know not both of these ranges are easily available to everyone, but KIKO can be ordered on the website and Essence can be found in more and more Wilcos stores.  Not sure on the availability of the Trend Editions, but if you see them in your local Wilcos, do let me know in the comments.

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Kilo Cupcake Nails – 650 Peach

I have a bit of an older polish to share with you today, this one I picked up over the Summer and forgot to upload the pics…. d’oh!  Anyway, I’ve seen a few of these knocking about on blog sales so thought it was worth posting anyway.  This is shade 650, otherwise known as Peach.

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This is an orange leaning peach shade, with hints of red within it.  It does dry quite rough, a bit like hundreds and thousands, so probably why they are called Cupcake shades.

Formula was OK, easy to work with, but it dries quickly and can start to go a bit gloopy on the brush.  So just a bit of care is needed.  This it two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu!  No top coat otherwise that would chnage the look.  I did quite like this when I had it on my nails – it was summery and fresh.  Bizarrely it picked up all sorts of dirt because of the rough finish so by the end of the day one or two of the nails had obvious black bits on.  But maybe I’m just a messy so and so.

Anyway, I’m still loving a good textured shade!  Let me know if you picked up any of these over the summer!

Spotted! KIKO Daring Game Collection

HOW EXCITING!! Not only does KIKO have another lovely limited edition range out, called Daring Game, but they have opened a store in Leeds!  How did I not know this! I was able to grab a few pictures, but the store was quite busy and I was trying to be discrete!IMG_5949.JPG


Not much to go on, but as you can see the collection in the promo pic at the front, I can also say that it feels great in your hand and the packaging is just really cute.  Love the dice dots on the tops of the polishes.

There is a deal on online shipping until August 14 so if you don’t live in London or Leeds, you can still get your hands on the collection.

Let me know what catches your eye!

KIKO Sun Show Nail Lacquer – Shade 473

Whoops, more found images on the camera…. I knew I was missing some.  Anyway, I have a shade form the Sun Shade Nail Lacquer collection from KIKO which I bought at Easter.  This is a stunning purple snappily named 473.

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This is lovely, a lightly duochromed purple, ripples and blue moving to purple.  What you see above is three thin coats.  Base is G&G Stuck on Blu! and topped with a good coat of G&G HK Girl.  Formula was average, nothing special to note, but yummy yummy yummy on the nail.

Gosh I had really forgotten how pretty duochromes can be, this one is right up the KEEPER street.

I can no longer see these on the KIKO website so I am guessing they are more than likely sold out.  There were ten in the collection and you can see images of the collection on a previous spotted post here.

What are your favourite duochrome polishes?  Let me know your faves in the comments.

KIKO Denim Nail Lacquer – Shade 462

A KIKO purchase for your eyes today! This is from the Denim collection (which until I saw instore I wasn’t aware of!)  This is the best kind of pink-ish shade for me.  A raspberry!

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Gosh, look at this matte goodness.  As you can see, it does dry slightly matte.  Just a bit.  Not hugely.  Just a waxy-esque finish – not sure how that is Denim, but it might be the slight shimmer which doesn’t really translate onto the nail.  And that lack of shimmer transfer is the only disappointment.

Formula is good, this is two coats over a base of G&G Stuck on Blu, with no top coat so that you can see the effect.  If you do go over it with a matte top coat, it goes more matte.  But you can gloss it up with a shiny top coat.  I think I paid £2.50 for this from the store in London.  Do check online as they have been opening more stores across the south of the country.

What is your fave KIKO shade?

New Things I Have Spotted #87 – KIKO

So, being away has been nice.  I’ve been able to visit stores I don’t get to see up north.  But I thought it would be fun to share these new ranges that I saw in the KIKO store that I visited.

First up, Cupcake Nails.  Reduced from £5.90 to £3.50, so I picked up a green (the darker one) and the orange one in front of it.


Then, also reduced, Fancy Top Coat glitter polish.  Lots of colours and varients here.

20140420-134242.jpgFinally, 10 shades in the new Rio Collection, called Sun Show Nails.  Stunning, really light reflective.  £5.90 each. Some of these do remind me of the recent Barry M Aquarium Nails, mainly those at the front.


So, there we go.  Looking forward to sharing my purchases with you shortly.

New Things I Have Spotted #57 – Seventeen and KIKO

Just a quick couple of spots for you Post Bank Holiday. First up, new Seventeen Rock Hard Couture.  These babies come in white, pink, gold and blue – £3.99 each.  Might be a cheaper substitute for the OPI Bond Girls Liquid Sands perhaps?


Then I was lucky enough to have 30 mins for so in the KIKO store in Westfield Stratford.  Make up Bliss let me tell you.  So what did I see in store… the new Dark Heroine Range… all gorgeous.  6 new nail polishes at £4.90 each, called Laser Nail Lacquer.  I got one of those just to see what they are like obviously *cough*


I picked up on of the lovely grey/silver eye liners too, can never have too many!20130823-144600.jpg

Another new-ish collection, called Glossy Temptations.  This one has double ended nail polishes for three colour options.  These are £5.90.


And the Quick Dry Nail Lacquers too, all with £1 off, making them £3.90.  I was also able to grab some of the last remaining Sugar Mat polishes, one red and one green.


The one thing I do love about KIKO, is that if their range changes, they reduce the prices on the older ranges straight away (and online too!).  Its great if you happen into a store and get the polish you have been after for ages for half price.  I love their collections I just wish the shop assistants would calm down a bit, I was the only person in the store and got asked four times if I wanted help or if I wanted to try the new eyeliners.

Anyway, what do you think, anything catch your eye?  Have you been into KIKO or ordered online?

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Wow, Nail Haul!

I’ve had some time off work and I’ve spent lots of it with family. It’s been awesome. We’ve done lots of lovely things including a day trip to France and a trip to Westfield London.

And, of course, I have had my eyes out for new things.  Check out my haul and polish snaps.


So, here I have my first sighting of the new Nude Polishes from Dior, from The Nude Collection, lovely neutral tones that I am sure would flatter any skin tone. (Sorry for the blurry pic, I was trying to be discreet!)


Then, in Sephora, I noticed this display of new top coats.  I picked up a couple that I couldn’t leave behind (see below).  There are four, 2 flakie top coats, 1 with silver holo bar glitter and a fourth one with gold glitter.


I also saw brands I have never seen before, such as Vernis Brillance Eclat by Nocibe.


More Nocibe make up.


Then a trip to Westfield London, where they have an Inglot (pictured above), a KIKO, a Colourcopia, a Make Up Store AND a Beauty Base.  PLUS the Models Own Bottle Shop pictured below.


And here are the pretties I picked up, first here they all are together!

So, top row, 3 x Sephora Polishes (2 of those new top coats), 1 x Peggy Sage Polish (red, glitter and sparkles), 1 x Nocibe glow in the dark polish, 2 x KIKO, 1 x Bourjois Python Top Coat.

Bottom Row, 4 x Gold Capped KIKO Holos from the new Collection Lavish Oriental, 5 x KIKO polishes from their sale



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