L’Oreal – Brit Invasion

Clearing out a bit of a backlog with something from the vault.  I have had these images for a while and thought it was about time to get them out into the public domain.

This is Brit Invasion from the Fall 2012 London Collection by L’Oreal.  I understand that these were all limited edition shades but they do pop up on blog sales now and then.  Nouveau Cheap had the scoop when they were first stopped Stateside.

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Its a really unusual colour, depending on the light it looks more brown or more purple.  Its quite a complex one to describe, it is like a browned lavender.  Anyway, formula was great, three thin coats and you get great coverage.  I used Essie Millionails as a base with a good coat of Seche Vite on top.  After a day I pepped it up a bit with Kleancolor Firework, a glitter bomb of a polish with teal/blue, orangey gold and red in it.

What do you think?  I like the clashing colour combo although the Kleancolor is a bit smelly…..


Kleancolor – Holo Green

This little holographic beauty once again came from my lovely Polish Twin.  Its a lovely pale green with a holographic shimmer.  This is the first Kleancolor I have ever had.  And I have a thing for greens, and blacks, and glitters……….

I didn’t want to over do the nails, busy couple of days at work and I wanted something shiny yet understated.  This is very sheer on one coat, but with a few thin coats you get a sense of colour on the nail.  It dries quickly so a few coats isn’t an issue.  Now, a word of warning, as its not 3-free, its a bit stinky so a well ventilated area is a must.  It also dries a little bit gritty so a nice top coat is a must.

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I think next time I’m going to layer it, any suggestions?