Maybelline Color Show Be Brilliant – Light It Up

I have another of the Color Show Be Brilliant collection to share with you all today – this one is sooooo sparkly, it gave my camera the hiccups! This one is Light It Up!

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So I was trying to find suitable undies for this polish, and I didn’t want to go black.  So I put on Sweet Star, which is the Chanel Ltd Ed FNO polish on, and them blinged it up.

All the glitters in Light It Up are super reflective.  There is a mix of silver, very pale pink and blue along with some smaller silver bits.  All in all, its quite the glitter bomb.  Unlike Skyline Blue, the formula on this was no where near as gloopy.  Much easier to work with and its pretty much one thick-ish coat on each nail.  Apart from one nail where I did two coats and it was almost too much!

Lots of offers out there at the moment, so if you are looking to pick this one up and you haven’t, do shop about.  It is limited edition so sooner rather than later if you want it!

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