Sally Hansen Satin Glam – Taffetta 

Today I have a polish to share with you that I picked up in a pound store, we already seen Iced Metal here on the blog, which I picked up at the same time.  I do love these Satin Glam shades – there is something about the finish of them that makes my heart sing.  Anyway, enough chat, lets check out some pics!

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This is a great royal purple shade and the finish is just to die for.  And in the sun, wow.  I took one pic outside and the way it catches the light is just lovely.

Two easy coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 with no top coat.  Drying time is super quick as its akin to a matte polish.  The only thing with these bottles is the very long brush that comes with them.  Great for getting to the end of the bottle but also easy to flood your cuticle and the polish runs down from above the brush on onto your nail.  But worth the little bit of pain I think!

Let me know what you think in the comments.

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OPI – Lincoln Park After Dark Suede

I’ve got a lovely polish on today, this is Lincoln Park After Dark by OPI in their suede polish.  There was a whole range of them which came out in Fall 2009 and this is the only one I own – and its a beauty!

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As with most matte polishes, drying time is super quick.  You have to work fast with the polish so that you get it on the nail in minimal brush strokes and to prevent nail polish drag. LPAD is a lovely, metalized deep lilac.  It is gorgeous!  What you see above it two quick coats, it does take practice and I had to repeat a couple of nails as I made a bit of a mess of them.  Its certainly worth it.

I put on Essie all in one as my base coat and I didn’t top coat as that would ruin the effect.  Wear is never as good with matte polishes as it is with regular or glitter finishes.

Availability of the suedes is a bit hit and miss, you may have to resort to eBay or a vintage polish reseller.  Mine was part of a swap with my polish twin.

How do you like suede polishes?

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