Dior – 916 Or Tsarine

I went into the stash today to wear a polish I adore and have had for a while now.  Dior 916 Or Tsarine is an amazing shimmery, golden brown that sparkles in the light. I bought this from a Dior stand after seeing some swatches online.  Its still love at first sight.

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As with all new Dior Polishes, this one has the fancy pants brush.  And I love it.  Once you get the hang of it, it delivers perfect application time and time again.  You can avoid your cuticle area and it paints the polish on in a great shape.  Formula is outstanding on this polish, thick but not gloopy, pliable and not drippy.  Two coats provides great even coverage.  Smell was minimal which is always a plus.  Each bottle holds 10ml and costs around £17.50

Images above show the bottle, painted nail under lights and with flash and then the final shot is Or Tsarine with a Matte Top Coat.  After seeing lots of other sparkle polishes mattified I thought I’d give this one a go.  I kinda like it, you can still see the shine but its very subtle now.

Dior have been on a bit of a polish release fest in the last 18 months or so, in fact so many that I struggle to be able to afford the ones I adore.  Polish Jinx has done an amazing job of trying to collate all the Dior polishes that exist, do check it out.  I really wanted Dior Les Rouges (see Polish Police for swatches) but I never saw or heard of a UK release.

I really REALLY want these and I might cry if I can’t get hold of them…