Spotted! Asda polishes 

I’ve not been in my local Asda for a while, so I took the opportunity to swing by their make up section and see what was new. Quite a few things actually….

First up, new inserts in the stands.  Highlighting new make up products as well as a new nail care range.

Here you can see the three nail care products, called Dr Corrector.  From the left we have Ridge Filler, in the middle Smudge Corrector and on the right, Blush.  I can guess what the first two products are and I can only assume that the last one is a tinted coat for nails.  £2 each.


Then I saw these as well, not sure if I’ve seen these before, so just in case.  Here are the Star Struck One Coat Glitters.


And than, beneath that, I spotted some matte shades and a matte top coat.


And that was that!  As I say, a few new things for your viewing pleasure.  Anything catch your eye?

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Wet N Wild Megalast – Echo Dark

So the hubby and I were fortunate enough to go to the States a couple of weeks back for our wedding anniversary. We had an amazing time and its hard to believe we’ve been back two weeks now. I was lucky enough to get into CVS and Walgreens (in more than one occasion I might add) to pick through the polish collections. Sadly, I didn’t see many that caught my eye, however, my love for Megalasts is well known and I came across the single solitary polish in a stand – this is from the Fall 2014 limited edition matte shades which came with matte lip shades too.

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Super easy formula to work with, this is two easy coats over a base of Nailtiques 2.  Drying time was fast. Not super fast, but fast enough and it does dry to a rubberised finish.  Not quite a matte but then not like the Maybelline Color Show Vinyls either.  The Megalast brush is tapered so you can get close to cuticles and have a neat edge – but if you are picking these up yourself, do check the brush before hand.  This one was OK and I was worried as it was the last one, the brush would have been wonky, or even absent.  No worries on that front – PHEW!

Anyway, its a super dark navy and unlike any shade I have in the stash.  i seriously thought there would be a dupe in there, but nope.  That makes me a little bit happy.  Plus, the cap is rubberised so it has a squishy feel to it.  Its a great little touch.

As I say, I only have this one, but you can check out the rest on the fab Nouveau Cheap right here. You may be able to picked these up on eBay if you move quickly as Wet N Wild do not stock the UK or any part of Europe.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Maybelline Color Show Vinyl – Grey Beats

You may recall my recent trip to Vienna.  There I was minding my own business in a drugstore, checking out the polishes and the shower gels (who doesn’t love a good shower gel!) and my eye kept being drawn back to the Maybelline Color Show Vinyl stands.  Now I couldn’t figure out why, but in three more stores, that happened.  And then it twigged.  There were four shades, but only three were the same as the UK release.  You can see what I mean here. In Europe, there was no pink, but there was this one.  Grey Beats!

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Anyway, so I had to have it.  We’ve seen this with both the Vintage Leather, Crystallise and Acid Wash polishes where in Europe there is either more to the set, sometimes five or six colours, whilst in the UK we only have four.  Curious huh?  Its not the like the UK market is that odd is it?!?!

So, onto the polish.  This is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2.  Formula was OK, a little but draggy in places so care is needed.  But its quite the chalk grey isn’t it!  It is quite pale, but I was ready for a bit of a palette cleanser at this point, plus I think it might be a great base for some nail stamping in orange, black and darker silver…….

Not sure if you might be able to find this in the UK, perhaps eBay, but the four UK edition shades are available now in your usual Maybelline stockists.  Did you pick up any of the Vinyl collection?

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Spotted! New Bourjois, 2True Go Matte Top Coat & GOSH Shade of Grey Stardusy Polishes

Alrightly, a number of updated stands to share with you today.  First up, new insert in the Bourjois stand for nail polish only.20140701-203632-74192207.jpg As you can see above, three sections to the new insert.  On the left Colour Block – no new shades.

20140701-203641-74201023.jpgIn the middle section, glitter Texture with two new shades.  Oh My Gold and Champagne Shower.  Its worth noting that the shade above ISN’T Champagne Shower, but just one put there to made the stand look full.  I couldn’t find it anywhere.

IMG_6039And then the final section on the right – pretty pastels, with one new shade Peace and Mauve (not pictured)


Then I saw this (above) in the 2True stand.  Looks like room for some other bits around the go… matte top coat.

20140701-203732-74252926.jpgFinally, a new edition to the GOSH stand hot on the heels of the Facebook Favourites!  Now I do think that these polishes do not belong in this stand (but they work as they are grey-ish) so looks like a range of grey polishes to come along.   These ones are called Stardust.

20140701-203751-74271269.jpgHere are the names of the new shades.

20140701-203748-74268961.jpgAnd then I can only apologise fort he blurry picture – I was trying to be discrete whilst minding a child and holding several hair products…. don’t ask! But you can see the glittery goodness.  Maybe another textured polish??

Anyway, that is all for this Spotted!  Anything catch your eye?  Let me know in the comments!

Flormar – M01 Matte White

Right, only passing through, why is everything so crazy!  Anyway, I have a lovely polish for you today.

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This is one of the matte polishes from Flomar.  I know, why buy a matte polish when you can make any polish matte with the top coat?  This is why.

Two coats of matte perfection.  No streaks.  No bumps. No bubbles.  Perfect.  It might look a bit uneven in these pictures, but let me assure you, it wasn’t.

And then I went and stuck glitter over it! (come back next week to see that!)

Sally Hansen – Rosey Shooter

And now we have glitter top coats!  You may have noticed in my US haul post, I did pick up a few. This one is Rosey Shooter, from the Rent the Runway Xtreme wear collection by Sally Hansen (see the whole range here on Nouveau Cheap). I am also slightly obsessed with my base coat, KIKO Shade 328, a lovely light gray creme with fab coverage in two coats.  But onto Rosey Shooter

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Rosey Shooter is a mix of red and white glitter.  The red glitter is all metallic, the white appears matte.  There is also white bar glitter in it.  Application is a bit of splodge and spread approach to get good even coverage, but there is quite a lot of clear base so application needs to be careful or your glitters start sliding off as its drying.

I do love this combination, the red and white is a classic colour combination.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments

New Things I have Spotted #62 Wilco’s Nail Gems, Rimmel Space Dust, New Color Show, Barry M Autumn Collection, NYC Glitters & Gold is Back Bourjois

I’ve been out and about this week, looking for new things to show you.  Typically its been a bit slow the last couple of days and then BOOM its new products galore.  Scroll down to see what is new.

First up, there has been a real increase in the number of stores providing nail art ‘stuff’ from gems to pens to files, seems everyone is getting into the act.  I saw these little heart shaped jars of nail gems in Wilkinsons today – RRP is £1.  My real reason for going in was to see if there was the forthcoming Essence stand – for more on that see this post on Make Up Savvy. There wasn’t 😦

20131006-173724.jpgMoving swiftly on, I popped into Superdrug to pick up a few bits and saw this little lovelies.  Rimmel Space Dust.  This is their take on the textured trend, there seem to be five in the collection.  I picked up 004 Total Eclipse, the blackened green you can see on the right.  Good price point too at £3.99.


Moving along the cosmetic bays, hoping for those new Color Show Brocade polishes, I notice this new insert into the Maybelline Color Show stand.  Not sure if these are new shades, but Ice Queen, Plum Paradise, Green with Envy and Tutti Frutti look new to me.  Check out Tutti Fruitti in the next picture!20131006-173752.jpg

Super sparkly, this Tutti Fruitti, looks quite sheer in the bottle ( the runner on the stand does say transparent gel-based formula if I recall correctly that is the whole range…), but I didn’t pick it up, so keep your eye out for swatches.


Finally, our local Superdrug has the new Barry M mattes and textures.  This does make me happy *sigh* new nail paints in Mushroom and a couple of other colours too, RRP £2.99 and the new Matte and Textures RRP at £3.99.



NYC New York Color has updated its glitter range too.  I hadn’t noticed these before, but Disco Inferno has been repacked along side the black and silver Rock Muse polish.  20131006-173837.jpg

I also saw some of the new Bourjois One Seconde shades in the stand but was unable to get a picture as it was surrounded.  There are several new shades coming, the collection is called Gold is Back and is numbered 29 to 33.  Not yet on the UK site, but images are on the French site.  I picked up Dangerous Wish (number 31), swatches to come and that set me back £5.99, but it is stunning!

That’s all for this for now, do let me know if you see something new, feel free to tweet me a pic @BakingNails or drop me a comment.  I’d love to hear what you have been picking up.

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Sinful Colors – Leather Loose

Oh I have a treat for you today.  This polish found it’s way to me from my lovely sister who has been in the US.  I first saw these Sinful Color Leather Luxe Collection on Nouveau Cheap and fell in love with with one, Leather Loose.  I know, ridiculous name, but beautiful polish!

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As with most leather or matte effect polishes, you wear it without a top coat.  If you want to gloss it up, you can pop on your top coat.  What you see above is two coats over a base of Glisten & Glow Stuck on Blu! (which you can now buy via Rainbow Connection UK).  Formula is great, its smooth and the brush (when you don’t get a wonky one) is just lovely to use.  It dries quickly and dries to this velvet matte effect.  It actually feels soft under your fingers.  Its a dark brown with copper shimmer particles in it.  Perfect for the autumn season. Awesome!

I’m going to try this with a topcoat next time.  Should look stunning as this polish is super sparkly before it dries out.  Sinful Colors are a US brand, easily available in many US locations.  For those of us in the UK, you either venture onto eBay or call into your local large Boots store.  I’ve only seen one Sinful Colors collection in Boots, so I have no idea if these will ever come out in the UK.  The UK site is here.

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