Chanel – Mediterranee

As we saw this weekend, the new Chanel Les Automnales Collection is now out and so I thought it best to get this review up asap!  This is the final shade I purchased from the Summer 2015 Collection and is the collections namesake Mediterranee – lets check out some pics.

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This is a gorgeous teal creme, and its simply stunning.  This is two coats over a base of Nailtiques 2 and I have used one of the top coats I picked up in the US called Essie Gel Setter and is part of the Essie Gel Style Nails collection.  I’ve used this with several different polish brands and it dries fast and hard – bloody awesome!

As for the Chanel, which is really what I’m meant to be focusing on…. the formula is as good as you would expect with Chanel.  Smooth, creamy and prefect coverage.  I don’t think this is limited edition, but if you do like it and have been thinking of it, its worth checking just in case!

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