Wet N Wild Megalast – Sun Settle Down

I think we all now by now that I love a good orange polish, this is no exception and comes from the same range, Summer 2015 California Dreaming as the other Megalast Sky Me Mine I shared a few weeks ago.  You can see most of the range here on Nouveau Cheap.  And what isn’t there to love with Wet N Wild and their Megalast range – they are very reasonable and of (usually) good quality.

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This is a lovely creamsicle orange colour, really perfect for summer and I love this shade.  Formula was good, the Megalast brush is a joy to work with.  Its easy to use and because it is tapered, makes getting near but not on your cuticle simple.  This is two coats over a case of Nailtiques 2, topped off with Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat sealing it in.

What do you think?  Do you have a favourite creamy orange colour?  Let me know in the comments.

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Wet N Wild Megalast – Sky Me Mine

OOohhhhh for those of you that have been around these parts for a long time, then you know that this girl loves some Wet N Wild Megalast polishes. Like in a bad bad way. I first got my hands on the new-er style bottles through swapping, back when getting polish in the mail was OK. But we know it not and we never post it internationally.

So imagine my delight, whilst in the US to come across some of the new Megalast releases!  This is from the California Dreaming collection, seen here on Nouveau Cheap. I also grabbed one of the new silver bottle top coats – which we are using below.

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Look at that blue!  Its so bright.  And lovely. And not a dark vibrant blue!  I love this, such a wearable summer colour!

One of the best things about the Megalast polishes are the brushes, which are similar to the Dior brush in that they are tapered and allow you to get really close to the cuticle without touching it.  They are flat and rounded.  Love them.  I think you also get them in the newer Sally Hansen CSM range (can anyone confrim??).  You can see some brush pics on this blog post by A Girl, Obsessed from 2012.

Anyway, formula was OK, two coats provides opacity.  The top coat however BLEW MY SOCKS OFF!  I love this.  Quick drying, albeit a bit stinky, its my second current fave after my Nails Inc Kensington Top Coat.  Its a steal for whatever I paid for it (probably $3 plus tax)

What do you think?  Let me know in the comments

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Wet N Wild Megalast – Echo Dark

So the hubby and I were fortunate enough to go to the States a couple of weeks back for our wedding anniversary. We had an amazing time and its hard to believe we’ve been back two weeks now. I was lucky enough to get into CVS and Walgreens (in more than one occasion I might add) to pick through the polish collections. Sadly, I didn’t see many that caught my eye, however, my love for Megalasts is well known and I came across the single solitary polish in a stand – this is from the Fall 2014 limited edition matte shades which came with matte lip shades too.

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Super easy formula to work with, this is two easy coats over a base of Nailtiques 2.  Drying time was fast. Not super fast, but fast enough and it does dry to a rubberised finish.  Not quite a matte but then not like the Maybelline Color Show Vinyls either.  The Megalast brush is tapered so you can get close to cuticles and have a neat edge – but if you are picking these up yourself, do check the brush before hand.  This one was OK and I was worried as it was the last one, the brush would have been wonky, or even absent.  No worries on that front – PHEW!

Anyway, its a super dark navy and unlike any shade I have in the stash.  i seriously thought there would be a dupe in there, but nope.  That makes me a little bit happy.  Plus, the cap is rubberised so it has a squishy feel to it.  Its a great little touch.

As I say, I only have this one, but you can check out the rest on the fab Nouveau Cheap right here. You may be able to picked these up on eBay if you move quickly as Wet N Wild do not stock the UK or any part of Europe.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Wet N Wild Megalast – Lethal Injection

Woohoo!  More Megalast for you today.  This is another one from the Pick your Poison collection.  And its a beauty!

Here are the pictures!

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Above is two coats over Essie All in One base and top coated with Seche Vite.  It is awesome, in colour and formula.  It is a great colour, a mulberry colour with a silver ripple.  Lovely.  Formula was fantastic for a budget line, really impressed.  Drying time was super quick and wear was great.  After about 24 hours, beacuse it was still immaculate, I popped a coat of China Glaze Glitter All The Way from their Holiday Joy 2012 collection.  Looks like the Super Plum fairy threw up on my nails!

Wet N Wild Megalast – Root of all Evil

YAY!  New Megalasts!!  I was so very happy to see these on my recent rip to Florida, I picked up a couple and was sent one from a recent swap.  If you have followed me for a while, you will know that Megalast make my all time favourite nail polish, Haze of Love.

This is the Root of All Evil, a deep, dark and shimmery blue polish. I think its part of a limited edition run called Pick Your Poison. And boy is it blue!

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What you see above are two coats, the brush on these bottles are now the standard Megalast brush which is similar to the Dior brush. Its a tapered brush allowing painting near the cuticle making a more defined gap. Anyway, if you buy them, make sure you check the bottle for a good brush because sometimes they come out wonky. This one wasn’t (hurrah!) and worked like a charm. I used Essie all-in-one as a base over a thin coat of Nailtiques Formula 2 with Seche Vite as a top coat. Man does this polish last, seriously, a good couple of days before any sign of tip wear. Fab value for the $2 or so they are.

The Pick Your Poison collection has some lovely colours in, you can see more here, but I will be posting swatches of the few I have between now and Christmas.

Which colour is your favourite?

Wet N Wild Megalast – Disturbia

So here we have the last in another small run of Megalast polishes. I’m not going to wax lyrical about how amazing these are, because I’ve done that in every other Wet N Wild Megalast related post.

Disturbia is a deep, rich purple shimmer polish. In the bottle the shimmer is very apparent however this does not translate onto the nail – which is a shame.

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Formula was excellent, a good consistency with fantastic coverage and drying time. What you see above is three thin coats. Base was Seche Retain and top coated with Hong Kong Girl.

L.O.V.E it so very much!

Wet N Wild cosmetics are not widely available in the UK. You can find end of lines and the odd polish at Cosmetic resellers. Newer lines are not easily found outside the US. If you want to depress yourself by looking at all the lovelies online, click here

Wet N Wild Megalast – Heatwave

Yet more Megalasts!  You lucky lucky people.  This is by far the best range from Wet N Wild and worth every cent in my humble opinion. (closely followed by the recently issued Fergie Collection of which I have a few that you will see shortly) but bear with me as we only have ONE more after this one… just one!

This Megalast is a hot, juicy, orange with a red underbelly that is so very perfect for summer regardless of how good your weather is!  Its a fab colour, super saturated and intense.  Definitely in the BRIGHTS category

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The formula on this one is good, not the best in the range by any means, so a bit of care is needed.  My brush was slightly wobbly (and I’ve seen worse ones on other blogs) so that took a bit of getting used to.  What you see above is three, relatively thin coats, really to provide a more even coat of colour.  It levelled well and dries at an average speed.  Wary of nail staining I double case coated with Seche Retain and CND Stickey.  I used Hong Kong Girl Top Coat (soon going to need some more….)

As we know, Wet N Wild Megalasts are only available in the US, unless you have a US Polish Pal ship them to you.  I cannot tell you how much I want WnW in the UK market… oh I have already??  Sorry, getting repetitive in my old age… 😉

Wet N Wild – Under Your Spell

Goodness, I love Megalasts.  I now really want them all.  All of them.  Even the light and pink ones.  I just adore everything about them and I have a few coming up and you have seen a few of my newer acquisitions.  As last time, I *still* cannot believe we cannot get them in the UK, such a massive shame.

Anyway, this little gem is called Under Your Spell.  This also came in my little package of love from ZedleyQ.  Its a shimmery lovely deep red/blood red mystery of a colour. Its like velvet in a bottle.  I blinking love it. Here come the pics!

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However, its formula is a bit of a doozy.  First coat went on a charcoal colour.  Seriously.  My heart plummeted.  Second coat, I could see some of the shimmer and the red was beginning to peek through.  Coat Three, almost there.  Coat four, BINGO!  I know four coats.  But it is cute.  The shimmer is not as apparent as seen in the bottle and that is a bit of a disappointment.  But the wear is aces.  I top coated with Hong Kong Girl again, I just cannot leave my bottle alone (thank you my PPP x)

If you are in the UK the only way you can get your polished fingers on WnW megalasts is to either be in the US or have someone get you some.If you are in the US, so many places so little time……

Wet N Wild Megalast – Club Havana

I think my love of Megalasts needs no introduction, but in case you are new here, I LOVE THEM.  You can see them all by clicking here…. I love the range, colours, formula, the shape of the bottle, brush, everything about them.

I’ve been very lucky in being able to get another on to add to the small collection I am cultivating.  This one is called Club Havana, a rich tangerine orange.  In the pics it is leaning quite coral.  Like all the other ones I have, this has a tapered brush, meaning you can get up close and personal with your cuticles and NOT get polish on them.

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Now the formula on this one is lovely, my brush was a bit raggedy, but that it OK I can work with that.  It glided onto the nail.  The first coat was a bit streaky, but careful application for coats two and three left me with a great even coverage.  I used Seche Retain for my base and then Hong Kong Girl on the top.  Look no shrinkage!  Hurrah, I’m loving Hong Kong Girl.  The wear on this mani was great, nearly three days before I was itching to change it.  Megalast by name, Megalast by nature.

I’m going to the US in October and I’ll hopefully be able to fill the Megalast gaps in my collection, they are SUCH a great price and SUCH a great formula, its a real shame that Wet N Wild do not sell in the UK market.


Wet N Wild Megalast – I Red A Good Book

So we are nearly at the end of a short run of Wet N Wild Megalast Polishes. So far we have had Haze of Love, Bite the Bullet and I Need a Refresh-Mint

Again this one is part of a swap bundle I did just after Christmas. No matter how hard I tried to convince myself that I wanted to wear red on my nails, I struggled. The dark nights, dark morning and cold weather put me off. But bring on British Summer Time (at least in relation to the clocks going forward, the weather is still atrocious!)

Anyway, I Red A Good Book is a super saturated cheery cherry red. The kind of red you expect with Special K. An amazing red. A red with a formula that was almost opaque in ONE COAT. I know, I love it. The Megalast brush to just a JOY to work with. Wet N Wild need to get their act together and crack into the UK market, polish of this quality needs to be shared.

The formula is smooth and thick enough to cover the nail in one sweep of the brush and the brush marks just melt away. I was tempted just to leave it with one coat, but the voice inside my head told me to do two. So I did, but I have a picture of just one coat for you to see. Under the lights there is a wee bit of VNL but just a hint. Drying time was quick too. And I’ve just worn it for THREE DAYS WITH NO TIP WEAR!!

Don’t ever leave me Megalast… I might just cry!

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