New Things I Have Spotted #60 – Nicole By OPI, L’Oreal, Models Own & Free Nails Inc

Yet more items sneaking out onto the shelves in the UK this week…

First up in the new-ish Nicole By OPI stands in Superdrug, the new Selena Gomez colours.  Very summery but its nice to have access to NOPI easily for once even at £7.99.


Then I noticed the new L’Oreal Collection Privee.  Lots of nude tones for your nails and lips, nice packaging but just not my colour bag.20130906-204108.jpg

Also in Boots, a bit of an instore promo.  Buy some Max White Toothpaste, get a matte or gloss red Nail Inc nail polish.



New Models Own hitting the high street, both the Velvet Goth and Firework collections are now out.  Good offer in Boots too, buy one get one half price.


20130906-204135.jpgFinally, more Seventeen polishes.  Something called Quicker Slicker Colour….


So there you have it, some new items out and scarily offer panels that refer to Christmas gifts.

Anything catch your eye?  Let me know!


New things I have Spotted #56 – L’oreal Glitter Top Coats, Models Own in Superdrug & Revlon

A couple of new (and further spottings) for you today.

First up, I’ve finally seen the new L’Oreal Top Coat Effects.


Then in Superdrug, I noticed that Models Own now have the reverse of the Sally Hansen stand.


Also in Superdrug, the Revlon stand was being updated.  Slots for this forthcoming Marchesa Appliques.  Still empty 😦


Finally, a new collection called Haute Tropics.  This has already been out in the US as seen here on Nouveau Cheap. Loving the look of that blue…. dreamy!


Anything catch your eye?

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New Things I have Spotted #52 – Model’s Own Artstix, Seventeen, Accessorize, Bourjois, Sinful Colors & Maybelline.

I’ve seen quite a few new things on my travels recently, so I thought I’d quickly post them so that you can look out for them this weeked.

First up, double ended Artstix  and Artstix beads from Model’s Own.  Sticks are £6 and beads are £4 but there is an offer currently in Boots.


Next up, more from the revamped Seventeen line.  This time Nail Graffiti. Retail is £3.99


Then more catch up editions from Accessorize, this time a Velvet Manicure set.  Retail is £6.


And then, more from Bourjois and their nail art releases.  These are Laser Toppers, strangely only on the French site so far.  RRP is £5.99 on these, but they do look cute!


New Sinful Colors in Boots.  These are the Sugar Rush Pastels.  Retail is £1.99 on these, again Boots have regular offers.


Here you can see some of the names of the polishes in this limited edition.


Finally, hot on the heels of the Polka Dots collection comes the new Neons.


The promo for these is pretty awesome too

Anything in particular catch your eye?

New Things I have Spotted #46


A few Spotted! items for you today.  Obviously as we are now moving into spring, new things are slowly trickling out.  Anyway, let me know if something grabs your eye.20130321-212308.jpg

Above are some new L’Oreal Nail Wraps, some are solid colour and some are transparent so that you would see your base colour through them. Price point is £8.99, a bit steep I think, but they could be awesome.  Have you tried them?







Exciting whole new exclusive to Debenhams Dior Addict Be Iconic collection, some amazing Dior Venis Sparkling Shine nail polishes in this line up.  Already fallen head over heels for Diablotine a glass flecks reddy orange.  There are new lip glosses to and a new Gel Top Coat.  RRP for the polish is £18.20130321-212727.jpgAnd finally, new Models Own collections.  Iced Neon in frosted bottles and Fruit Pastel Scented Polishes.  RRP here is £5 but Boots usually has some some of buy 2 for £8 or 3 for 2.

What do you think?  Anything calling out to you?

Models Own – Golden Green Beetle Juice

Another of my wonderful Christmas presents was the complete set of Beetle Juice Nail Polishes from Models Own.

Golden Green is one of five polishes in the set, in fact when you buy the set you get a free 3-in-1 base/top coat that dires very shiny (but I’ve only used it once). Its probably the least duo coloured of the set, but having worn lots of blues, black and purple in recent weeks I fancied a change.

One thing I have noted about Models Own is the smell.  Its pretty strong and not the most pleasant of smells.  Once the bottle is closed it goes away quickly, but if you are sensitive to smells or change your polish a lot, then its worth doing it in a well ventilated area.

Golden Green is, as implied in the name, a golden green metallic.  There is a very slight shimmer in the formula that you can just about see on the nail.  Formula was good, not too thin not too thick.  It took two coats to build up the colour so it was hard to see if it was going to be opaque or not.  I did 4 thin coats for these images and tops with Sally Hansen Mega Shine (my go-to top coat).  So far, wear is good and I’ve read on a couple of blogs that its a bit of a nail stainer, so if it is, I will update this post when I remove the polish.

In terms of dupes, I have Chanel Peridot, so I did a bottle comparison.  The Chanel has more of the duochrome in the bottle, but they both have the same olive green base.  I snapped some images of the bottles so see what you think.

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